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hi there,

sorry if this has been asked before but i didnt really know what to search for in the searchengine. so please be kind to me. :)

i want to migrate an existing imap installation to zentyal. the existing machine serves for roughly 150 users holding currently a mailvolume of something like 2.5 tb; nagiosgrapher tells me an average additional 10g each day. i know - hm, am i right? - zentyal stores mail in mysql.

is there any experience with large volumes in mysql? i think nowadays 2tb volumes are not a lot for a fileserver filesystem, but handling with such amounts of mail may be quite a pain. but there is no way around. does mysql handle this volume size well? is there any limit in the license included in zentyal? i dont know too much about mysql licensing...

what is your experience with all the mail related stuff regarding zentyal? is there any thread i should work through?

thanks for your thoughts,

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Lost my windows inital domain server...
« on: December 02, 2014, 03:05:46 pm »
did you try to manage the fsmo roles from the usual mmc snapins from a windows workstation? i dont know where, but i think i saw documentation about managing dc stuff within mmc just as if it was a regular windows domain.

removing a dc from a domain manually is not a desired approach, but one can do it. there is a kb article explaining how to proceed. again: this is done from a windows desktop with the admin tools package.

maybe these give an idea...

Installation and Upgrades / Multi-node setup, eg several DCs
« on: December 02, 2014, 10:37:52 am »
hi there,

i have been playing around with zentyal (3.5, 4) in a couple of scenarios and think about using it for a migration at a customers site.

along with virtualization i guess everyone is experiencing the benefit of horizontal scaling, i mean having a dedicated vm for any given task. one for the directory, one for mail, one for file, ... . the installer as well as the interface of zentyal provide configuration settings for a multinode setup. and as far as i have been testing, this works like a charm. (in v4.) really nice.

one thing, which seems to be a "hardcoded" service, is: openchange - and with it the mail services - needs to reside on the first installed machine of a multinode scenario. is that right? what i did is: install the first machine, create a bunch of users. install the second (an additional as would be any number of second machines) machine, and wanted to put the mailservices here. but the interface told me, openchange can only be activated on the first machine. (well, not literally, but the meaning was like that.)

is there any documentation about multinode installation? i did not find it.

i think of a setup like this:
- "dc" (as a replacement for opendirectory/ldap mac osx)
- fileserver (replacement for server 2003)
- mailserver (replacing my own cyrus/qmail)

if anyone of you has experience, advice or a link to a document, i'd really appreciate input on this.

thank you

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Howto implement "catch-all"
« on: July 16, 2014, 04:19:57 pm »
this works!

to make this a permanent change to your edit this template accordingly:


Installation and Upgrades / extend ldap schema
« on: July 09, 2014, 10:23:08 pm »
hi there,

i am thinking about migrating from a mac os x open directory server to zentyal.

we are running qmail-ldap and some more ldap-enabled services. so i need to check how to throw our custom attributes into the zentyal ldap schema. there is some information on the net about zentyal plans regarding schema extension, but thats way old from 2011 and about a rather early zentyal version (2.0 i think).

in the documentation i can only find the usual stuff about the default installations.

is there anyone using zentyal along with additional ldap schemes? where can i find documentation / best practice / examples? or should i just fallback to are there any hidden specials in the way zentyal interfaces with openldap?

(it is still openldap used as ldap backend, am i right?)

thank you,

thank you guys,

dealing with the well known interface from a explorer properties dialog on a windows client is perfectly fine. a bit of testing with the recursive acl's option in the share creation dialog to get a feeling for it is recommended before setting up complicated acl's configurations. ;-)


hi there,

i am currently evaluating zentyal if it is a valid replacement for our infrastructure. at a first glimpse it looks really promising! thank you very much so far.

the webinterface is pretty much self-explaining, no big question marks here.

going deeper into the day-to-day procedures i am now coming across the management of permissions within subfolders.

for our project teams we have shares on the fileserver like this:
- projects
- pitches
- organizational

anyone can access those shares, but cannot create subfolders. i think this is what anyone has on their machines.

within those shares we have folders for each project or organizational matter, in which there are some subfolder with special permissions, so that only projectleaders or company managers can look into them.

this is an example of a project folder, below the share projects:
dummy_project (everyone ro)
+-- dropbox (everyone rw)
+-- workfiles (everyone rw)
+-- confidential (managers rw)
+-- financial (projectleaders and managers rw)

as this folder is contained in a share, the permissions come from the filesystem and not the shares configuration.

is there a planned best practice in zentyal how to manage this? or is it required to have an addtional tool managing the filesystems acls like directly from the shell or something like eiciel?

sorry if this has been asked before, but i wasnt able to find an answer for this.

thanks anyway,

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