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I'm a new ebox user that i use in a home (5 client pc/laptops under linux/windows) and i would like to use a ldap server for the file sharing (as with active directory under windows). I fear i won't be able to help you resolving your problem but i use this topic to ask you some advice about ldap. I would like to know if ldap can make me able to synchronize the server data with the laptops/pc datas under linux/windows at log on (when connected to local area network or vpn). And if it's possible what ldap server software should i choose for a easy configuration ?

Hi guys,

I'm a new ebox user but it's not my first server os. I have installed ebox and i need to install the next functions:
LAMP, Samba, nfs, a bittorent client with web interface named torrentflux which i like to put in https, ftp, vpn. I don't ask help for it but if you have some links for a faster presentation than the ebox user guide ... (i'm french and my english is so poor)

My main request:
I would like to install the following thing : when i log in on any computer on my local area network - windows or linux - I would like that all datas from "home"/"documents and settings" folders , to be synchronized with "home" folders in my server computer or something like this ... I believe that it already exists a program to do it.  Is it named Sldap or Active Directory (for Windows server maybe)? And how to install it cleanly and correctly on my ebox ? I dont need a complette tutorial i can search by myself but for now i'm so lost to put in place this functionality ...

Sorry for my poor English and thank you for your advices.

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