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Installation and Upgrades / Re: Getting an SSL certificate
« on: March 14, 2013, 06:10:01 pm »
@christian,  from the topic start,  he note that he is primairy using it as mail-server and the question seams to only apply to winmail  thats why i linked in the first place,  in more 'dificult' situations  i agree,  that  trusting zentyal as a root ca is a better option,  specially if  there is a way to automate it (for example with an installer package)...

if i remember correctly there was a verry good howto on this forum somewhere  that made  exporting CSR's a breeze and importing even more easy.   but as we stand its not yet clear what is gooing to happen with development and we are not yet sure if there will be effort to patch the current code base to support a small guy to make this a 3 click deal... even if its managed per server  it can stil be really easy.      sadly enought  the current implementation of trusted keys, is not a hiërarchie like for example DNS,   witch makes SLL secured-service not-so-trivial     

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Getting an SSL certificate
« on: March 14, 2013, 03:04:54 pm »,6108.msg24821/topicseen.html#msg24821 looks like there is already an example on how to import signed keys...   if you search the forum a bit longer there are some other posts explaining how... and startsll is even providing  free (email only validated) signed keys.

do a phpinfo   check if the msql drivers is installed, 

is autocad the only aplication that gives you errors,  maybe try msword,   or some other aplications,   

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Valid SSL certificate on Zentyal
« on: March 02, 2013, 12:08:25 am »
there are a lot of things here that you want to take into considerations,

for example  some modern browser dont even trust startls  anymore because its certs are not considered  save...   at the same time the bigger issue is that  certs are usually not wildcarded  so importing 1 cert for all related services is not as easy as it looks...

if your network is a bring your own device,  and it is not an office space,    you could  manually add   external trsted cert files  for eatch service...   but if its a company lan... i would  instead   make sure that your  onsite system admin  helps people to trust your root ca...   this is a bit more work for him  but also directly   helps him adress saftly issues because he can not   also check for anti-vir software befor he allows the device on your lan..

the easies way (if not joining a domain)  would be to create an  software installer package) what will add your root-ca  to the system..  specially in windows there are  in  MSI packages   ways to do this...

really apreciate that you have givven your discoveries back to the forum,

getting help is one thing,  actually giving it back  is another...   

so once again,  thank you for  being the good example... 

1+ karma well earned.

im not happy to say 'told you so'  because having a verry realiable software reduncancy  is absolutely preferably (for me) than any hardware raid controller...

its true that hardware raid 'can' (not is) be  much  more performant...  but in trueth at the same time it can also be a single point of failure  because when the hardware brakes (so your controller card) ... you have to replace it,   it there is no replacement (like with older models) you are F*d.  where as with software implements... there is always hardware that can replace your system  and you can always tweak the software. 

for me zentyal really lacks decent storage management,  both in terms of volume management,  adding removing / re-allocating   storrage,   as well as managing / checking testing and reporting  it...   

being able to manage lvm volumes   growing ans srinking them,    would help... also changing locations where data is stored would help for replication, as well as for example  iscsi targeting for  file-storage-clustering...   zentyal would be great if for example  it would be backed by freenas over  iscsi.

specially because freenas DOES support zfs natively

Installation and Upgrades / Re: New install on large drives with ZFS
« on: February 13, 2013, 02:53:03 pm »
1 zfs on zentyal is highly experimental..   
2 zentyal is not an operating system so it doesn't  either or not support zfs   unless  ubuntu supports it... 
so 3 if you want  support for ubuntu and zelfs  your best guess would by on either the  zfsonlinux website (and support channels) or on the  #ubuntu-server  support channel..

once and only once you have setup your filesystems propperly and are able to manage them  zentyal come's in to play... 

is this on a  per user basis or did you change it for all users? 

first guess read up on samba4 wiki's  if the features is propperly supported
next try to find out where the value is suposedly stored...

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Add RAID1 and mounting /home
« on: February 11, 2013, 07:28:01 pm »
just follow any ubuntu guide that uses the cli command line interface... 

sure there are issues, as with almost all filesistems   once a file is opened by one...  it will be locked  due to sync issues otherwise.. meaning other people will only be able to open a file with read-only...  if this is not desired than you should investigate the need for  shared editing mostly part of a document management system  / colaboration system.

other than that... logon times  with  roaming  are always slower  than non-roaming   this is by nature.    you can medigate it a little by allowing clients to cash the  folders locally but on heavy changes they would still have to  sync first ...

what you seam to want is not  easily achievable with roaming but might rather be a feature of  ltsp... and thin clients..   

but than... why would you want to run multiple clients with a single  useraccount...   its considered  mall practice for years and i would strongly advise against it..

Installation and Upgrades / Re: blocking access attempts by IP address
« on: February 11, 2013, 06:51:52 pm »
@rob or do both...  fail2bann can be applied to openvpn also... if im not mistaking...

scriptkiddo's  ussually run portscanns on ssh  ports... because manny 'home made' webservers run it without protection...

just out of interest, what if you dont use it with lpr?

give us your hardware, version details and all your settings...

i really feal honored that you apperently think whe are all knowing  but sadly that not the case...

also dont forget to mention  how your  disk is connected...

1 simple gues would be to  ~# sudo lsusb

what he probably means is that  clients are mounting an smb share  to a certain location on OS of the client for example   H:\     

note that roaming profiles  IS possible with linux   mounting   /home/user    to   smb://zentyal/user/home  for example.   

the biggest issue for me would be that this is done via  smbfs  rather than for example   nfs...  (nfs is not currently supported by zentyal - not from the box anyway).

if you look in the forums it has allready been described how to  do this with ubuntu.     for any aditional questions after reading ...  you should best  comment HERE

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