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Directory and Authentication / Enabling CIFS v1
« on: August 20, 2021, 02:43:24 pm »

Whilst a big fan of Zentyal and it's general ease of use, there are things that make it very hard to use.

I have a customer that has an old Windows XP machine (don't ask!) that uses cifs v1, and having just moved from an old Redhat samba fileserver to Zentyal, they are unable to connect mapped drives to the new server.

How can I enable CIFs v1 on Zentyal?

This sort of issue is why I'm trying to push them to move away from this Windows XP machine!

Thanks, John

see my post,30088.msg104972.html#msg104972

I managed to get the Add Printer dialog to show, go through a few steps, but then came up against a message saying there are no valid 64bit drivers for the hardware device.  I don't have a 32 bit PC to test if it comes up with the same message...

Directory and Authentication / Re: Deploy Printer with GP Error
« on: December 20, 2016, 10:53:02 am »

I solved some issues with printers on Zentyal by editing the /etc/samba/printers.conf and changing the line
Code: [Select]
show add printer wizard = noto
Code: [Select]
show add printer wizard = yesthen restarting samba.

Via the "Print Management" MMC add-in I can now deploy via GPO and start the Add Driver dialog, but...  I still have issues with adding the printer drivers - it just wont run.  I get a message saying that I can't install the driver as it's not a valid 64 bit driver for the hardware device (they are 64 bit when installed using the supplied setup programs).

My printers are from varying makes - HP, Kyocera, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon - but none of them install.

Would be nice to be able to just copy the required files to the $print directory and be done with it!

EDIT: Some branches in the forest in the GPO deploy dialog screens don't work - you have to keep trying until you find the printer... somehow...

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