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Directory and Authentication / Change IP address of domain controllers/DNS
« on: February 12, 2021, 04:14:58 am »
I have a project right now that is going to require me to change the 2 zentyal domain controller/DNS servers to different IP addresses in a new subnet. I have 2 DC/DNS servers and have them rsync (+unison I believe) between them.

Zentyal seems to only changing the IP of the server is trivial and done right in the GUI. However, something makes me think this doesn't consider the case of running the AD DC/DNS (samba and bind9).

Samba has these instructions

Which are considerably more involved. Demote the DC, make sure it's cleaned up, then add it back after.

What should I do?

Installation and Upgrades / samba memory leak update
« on: November 22, 2019, 05:47:30 pm »
Current Zentyal release shows it's using Samba 4.7.6
There is a bad memory leak that was fixed upsteam in 4.7.7
Please upgrade the module!


Installation and Upgrades / Corosync still running?
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:00:44 pm »

My server has gone through multiple upgrades of Zentyal over the years. The HA component was dropped in Zentyal 4.1. However, my fully updated 5.0 box shows /use/sbin/corosync running and I'm not sure why. Is this being used for something else besides the old HA component? Shouldn't this have been cleaned up and removed during a previous upgrade?



Just wondering, since I haven't seen any announcement, thread, or bug report, did Zentyal release an update to address the Samba vunerability that was discovered a week or so ago? I'm currently running Samba v4.5.8 and my components are updated.

Samba announce mailing list recommend upgrading to 4.5.9 immediately.

I assume the only correct way to upgrade the Samba version is through the Zentyal components, right? If so I think an update is really needed ASAP.

Thank You.

Installation and Upgrades / allow printer access without authentication
« on: October 27, 2014, 09:59:53 pm »
Just wondering if anyone else can get this to work. I have some users that aren't connected to my domain. I was hoping I could allow them to connect to printers by adding it through the printer server (\\<printserver>\<sambaprintershare>) but they get asked for a login when trying to navigate to the print server. I've been unable to resolve this so far. Have tried changing samba configurations through stub files. Added
Code: [Select]
load printers = yes and
Code: [Select]
guest ok = on but still prompts for password. The "guest access" check box in the web interface doesn't seem to do anything (doesn't even change anything in the config files). Does it perhaps have to do with the type of security as mentioned HERE (ie. shared-level security vs domain-level security)

So is there a way to allow someone to add printers shared via samba without using a login?


Whenever I reboot the server, restart samba, or reload the config (smbcontrol all reload-config) the "Home" folders I have set for users using RSAT (Active Directory Users and Computers) gets changed. I set these folders to point to a NAS device. When the reload occurs the path changes to the home directory on the Zentyal Server.

I would like to stop this from happening (and be persistent) so I don't have to keep going back in and updating it. Anyone have any input?

I will also mention that all users have been created with "user quota (MB)" Disabled. There are folders for each user account in the /Home directory but that might have happened when I enabled PAM before.

Thank You.


There seems to be issues trying to use Zentyal 3.5 as a print server. I think the issue lies within something Zentyal is doing with Samba.

I'm able to add a printer using CUPS. I added them using IPP and downloaded the ppd files from the respective manufacturers. I can print a test page with CUPS. And I can even add the printer on a Windows 7 machine using IPP (http://<servername>:631/printers/<printer_name>) and print. However deploying IPP printers through Group Policy is... difficult IMO.

So instead I was going to share the printers using Samba which would allow the Point'n'Print to deploy drivers and IMO it is easier for Windows users this way. However, it just doesn't work it seems. The printer shares show at \\<servername>. If you try to connect to them though I get a windows error 0x0000002e. And if you try to follow the Samba directions and click on "view remote printers" nothing is listed.

I've become so annoyed by this that I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 today and installed it in a VM. Installed Samba4 and CUPS. had to make a few changes to CUPS to allow remote access. Added the printer in CUPS. And then I simply browsed to the server and it was there shared by Samba. It showed in "view remote printers". Was able to follow all the directions listed by Samba and everything worked as it should.

So I don't think this is the fault of the Samba or CUPS packages, but something zentyal is doing during configuration of them. I checked the smb.conf in my Ubuntu server vs the smb.conf/shares.conf generated by Zentyal. They were different, but it seems like it should still work. To test I changed the configuration files to look like the working ones on Ubuntu, then ran an "smbcontrol all reload-config" to load them to test. I realize this would be overwritten on reboot, but it was just to test. The changes appear to take effect but the results are the same, not working on Zentyal.

Also, once you add a printer through CUPS, if you try to add a "User" access control for a printer it doesn't work. It tells you that it is "missing argument: User/Group". Group permissions get added however and appear to be written to the shares.conf file.

Also, I don't know if this is done on purpose in Zentyal, but it doesn't show in Windows 7 "Networks". You have to explicitly type \\<servername> to get to it. Perhaps this is because it is running as a Domain Controller? I mention it because I think it has to do with Samba and not sure if it is related in any way.

FYI: I installed a fresh Zentyal server today with only the necessary configurations to get it up and running and saw the same thing as listed above.

Installation and Upgrades / [SOLVED] LDAP and printer
« on: March 04, 2014, 03:32:08 am »
I've never done this before so I'm looking for some help.
I have a Konica Minolta C353 that has LDAP functionality. I'm trying to set it up to use zentyal as the LDAP server. My understanding is that I could use this to add various user and computers as destinations in the C353. For instance I wouldn't have to constantly add user email addresses. Like I said I've never done this before so maybe I'm mistaken.

Anyway I'm not sure how to use the LDAP info in zentyal in the C353. Info for LDAP on this machine can be found at on pages 63 to 67.

I noticed some mention on the forums that I probably want to use port 390. Search base would be taken from the zentyal LDAP info. For authentication method I wasn't sure but see they mention GSS-SPNEGO for active directory and was thinking maybe I should use that? Then for username and password I'm confused. I see the passwords on the LDAP page of zentyal but they don't have a username. So what am I suppose to use?

Thanks for any help. I'll be able to test some stuff out probably late tomorrow.

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