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So I have an issue after upgrading to Zentyal 4.1 - SURPRISE!

In Zentyal components shows - Web Mail Service (says it's not installed)

But I can clearly use sogo. (so it is installed) 

Anyway.. to try and fix it I try to install it in the Zentyal components and I can't... and then I try to install it cli... and I can't with zentyal-sogo....

So I tried to uninstall zentyal-sogo to see if it will let me install it and I get the following...

 Package zentyal-sogo is not available, but is referred to by another package.

This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package 'zentyal-sogo' has no installation candidate

Even though I removed it.. it still works...

Okay... this is getting silly. I am starting to really dislike upgrading Zentyal... Its dumb that there are this many issues with upgrading and updating...

Can someone tell me how to get the web mail services insync with Zentyal?




Upgraded to Zentyal 4.1 (solved whatever the problem was)--- but caused webserver to be only viewable by localhost / private ip only.  Router is setup to allow external view to internet of website.


Hello everyone,

Now that I have upgraded to Zentyal 4.1, I was hoping someone could help me to get my website viewable external.

I know my original 4.0 Zentyal still allowed me to see my original website I had from version 3.x. showed that Zentyal had it running on something like port 62380 (or something).

 I am just trying to get website up again and viewable on port 80.  I know it is running internally on my network. Because I can got to localhost/(webpage)  and it works fine.  But I can not get to it on the internet. 



Could someone shed some light on their settings with Thunderbird  pop and imap.  Either it is in my settings or something else is wrong.


Thunderbird: Connect to OpenChange/Zentyal for pop and imap stopped after upgrade of OpenChange/Core.

Can anyone please help me know why my Thunderbird can connect to every other service it needs to... but after an update of my Zentyal I have issue connecting via pop/imap???

It has been working fine for over a year.  I have been testing everywhich way to try to setup pop or imap, but I get the same results...

Can someone verify all the needed settings for POP and IMAP between Thunderbird and OpenChange/Zentyal?

Your help is appreciated,




Hey jbahillo,

Thanks for the follow up on this issue.  So it sounds like there was a glitch when I upgraded like I had thought.  So - should all of the persons users be xxxx@mycomputervisions - instead of just the users name?   I guess it looks more like I will have to backup the MYSQL data then delete the users and then import the data to the user.  This seems like a serious infraction if I was to have a large sum of users on the system.  This would be a melt down for that company.

I have looked at your support options when you had those available on the website - oddly they are not there any more?  Not sure what that is about.  To me there is no need to hide my prices. Anyway, when I reviewed them last time I was very interested in purchasing a form of support from your company, but as much as I would love to pay for the professional side of support - I found that you had a less then desirable planned support offering.  When I was able to review the costs last time, what I would be paying for, in cost per time factor and return on investment - it seemed unacceptable, especially for small businesses.  Having to wait for your support under your I believe it was Sliver, Gold and Platnum support and it had an a lotted calls, emails and such (I believe one of them didn't even have calls, just emails).  I don't know - in this day in age, one expects more from support considering all the methods that are at the disposal of the support group - such as irc / web chat/ remote control / phone and so on.   Limiting it to so many emails and a small amount of calls is not my idea of a professional support that I would want to pay for.  On the other hand, I would love to pay for something that has value and not have to keep paying for something that breaks every release which is what I am seeing now as I continue upgrades.  My concern now, is that if I were to purchase the professional, I would be stuck with the same problem I have now with the community version after one or two upgrades.  That the stability and likely hood of needing support when I am using Zentyal would be to big and great and that I would be on with support to much to keep this system going.  There in having to pay more out to support just to keep it afloat.

I think also you should have a support option for your community edition.  It can still remain free.  But for those who hit serious road blocks or walls, I just don't understand why you would not take this opportunity to allow/offer support for the community side (one that is fair to both parties).  Its still your product.  Why not setup a community support offering for those who would buy support in a case by case basis situation if they have a serious road block or issue.  Just a thought. 

Anyway enough said.  I do appreciate the pointing me in the correct direction.

I still like Zentyal.  I am thankful that Zentyal exists.  I hope it flourishes.

I will try to post my findings to help others that end up having this issue in the future.  I have a couple of items to do today.  Then I hope to get back to this.



Where can I find the place to switch my user to use jeff instead of user?  Where can I find that and change that so that it allows me to see jeff user as my user.  Would that be in the SoGo database area?  could that be in the OpenChange database? or would that be in the Zentyal database?
Let me know.  I am still looking.

It's not under:
Code: [Select]

for that matter - none of the:
Code: [Select]
/usr/share/zentyal-*/ folders have user conf in them.

that's just Zentyal's config for sogo... no user conf there.




All calendars + contacts stuff are included in sogo database. As you may imagine this is not in a single table, but in several of them (inside this sogo database) which are correlated.

So anyway.... I found it.  I am linking so that others can follow this and it may help them.  I am hoping to make it through this.  I really would like Zentyal to be something I can offer to my clients.  (Still not excited about the MYSQL data mess and no tools for Admins to make it easy for them to work with these databases - I am hoping that will change)

***TO BE FAIR. I DID FIND IMPORT AND EXPORT IN THE WEB CALENDAR SIDE, but at the same time... what happens when the Admins/IT Pro has the samething happen that I am dealing with... how are they going to recover the calendar and get the person(s) up and running again. 

Let's move on to my link below and catch up to where I have gotten.  (I am thankful for those that have stopped to help.  I am also thankful for the Dev's and Staff helping - at the sametime.  I feel this is relevant stuff that should be address and being taken serious.),23729.msg91755.html#msg91755


Okay.  I found the data of my calendar in Zentyal / SoGo MySQL database.   It looks like when I did an update to Zentyal 3.5.4 or 3.5.5 (OpenChange/SoGo) it changed my sogojeff001098adb50_quick that holds my Calendar datat. So I am guessing that the update has pointed my user to the new database sogojeffmyco0014a5e88a_quick.  The old database exists, but it is no longer connected to my user. 

Can someone that is a Dev or Staff member of Zentyal... or another fellow Zentyal user help me to understand the databases structure of the Zentyal Calendar/Contacts/Tasks databases (Zantyal has a number of them of them). I would like to be able move my old data to my new database (import it / export it / rename old database to new / remove user / whatever will allow me to stay with jeff user having the databases needed with the calendar)

Here is my SoGo MySQL database structure:

 (another user below)

    sogorobin00447cb82e8 sogorobin0016a27fc95
 (folder sturcture / user profile I am guessing is below)

I noticed in my user_profile database... somehow I have two users (me) but I should only have one.   The first two seem to be created earlier as my main users - jeff and robin.
The third one is  (I would be happy to stick with jeff and robin)

and also in the sogo_folder_info it has this:

1     /Users/jeff/Calendar/personal     Users     jeff     Calendar     personal     Personal Calendar     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Appointment

 2     /Users/jeff/Contacts/personal     Users     jeff     Contacts     personal     Personal Address Book     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Contact

3     /Users/jeff/Contacts/collected     Users     jeff     Contacts     collected     Collected Address Book     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Contact

4     /Users/robin/Calendar/personal     Users     robin     Calendar     personal     Personal Calendar     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Appointment

7     /Users/robin/Contacts/personal     Users     robin     Contacts     personal     Personal Address Book     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Contact

8     /Users/robin/Contacts/collected     Users     robin     Contacts     collected     Collected Address Book     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Contact

11     /Users/     Users     Calendar     personal     Personal Calendar     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogoxxxxx@     Appointment

12     /Users/     Users     Contacts     personal     Personal Address Book     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     mysql://sogo:xxxxx@     Contact

The only users I have in this are jeff and robin.   So somehow the I believe is causing the problem.  I don't know why that is there, since I created the account as jeff. 

Now that I have brought you good information... can one of the Dev's or Staff please, please, please help me to work this out.  I have done most of the trouble shooting.

Anyone's help is appreciated.



Welcome to Zentyal, where the community is a couple of people, support is rare and the developers have... other things to do.

I can't answer your question, but, if it was me, and it's what I do with ownCloud, which keeps the calendar in the database, is to use the client to export / backup the calendar, instead of trying to do it at the server, note, I run my servers in vm's and just keep copies of the whole thing, it's way easier than trying to waste time with duplicity, etc, though I do have some rsync scripts for the mail stores and shares.

Thanks fasttech for out of the box solution.  I appreciate the thought process and help.  I was hoping that tools would be available to work with this stuff built in to Zentyal and OpenChange/Sogo that would make it easy to import/export/migrate and backup.  This is proving to be a sad situation for Zentyal.  I really like the way Zentyal has been working and how it works with Thunderbird and such... but now with them trying to make this a Exchange alternative and it is missing some very important feature for Calendar/Tasks/and Contacts to get to the data... and they are taking away alot of Zentyal functionality that they had setup as an all-in-one server it is proving to good to be true that this will help my clients.  I have a feeling I will be looking of alterntives to Zentyal soon - and that in itself is SAD and a shame since I would rather it be what I would perfer to stick with.

I will probably be moving the Calendaring to the Radicale calendar and contact Server.  It seems to have a less MYSQL server solution to my problem and seems I will be able to get to the data and import it and export it with out major hassle.

If I am missing something... someone please let me know. 




All calendars + contacts stuff are included in sogo database. As you may imagine this is not in a single table, but in several of them (inside this sogo database) which are correlated.

What?  Are you being serious?  Okay sir... this is silly?  You guys are being so vague about the answers for Zentyal data?  WHERE IN THE SOGO DATABASE?  I feel like I have to be my own detective on figuring things out on Zentyal and OpenChange/Sogo.  Why are you guys making it so hard for Admins/IT who use your product to use it properly??

So I guess I am back to this question "Is there NO EASY WAY administrator the email / contacts / calendar / task to get to the data, export, import it and back it up???"

and if so what is it and how?

How would I find, extract,  export my calendar from the Sogo Database?




All calendars and related stuff are placed in MySQL database. Personal contacs addressbook are as well there

Okay Mr. Jbahillo,

Could you please tell me where in:

Code: [Select]
/var/lib/mysql/   (and directories + subdirectories)

is the Calendar/Contacts/Task?

When I am in Phpmyadmin -

What database?-


For those who have to mess with Phpmyadmin to help with the short comings of Zentyal 3.  To find you're root/user password for Mysql  -

Go to terminal and type the following:

Code: [Select]
nano /var/lib/zentyal/conf/zentyal-mysql-passwd
Hope this helps someone!




Ok. Thanks for half of the information.  ( I asked the following -  there should be quick and easy explanation about *location* and *methods of how to back* that *location/type* of *file/data* to be backup.)

So, no offence, but this is how good products die... if you know the process, the program, and how to get to them, it is so much easier to just place it in your post.  I mean, seriously, I do, when I figure things out so that I can help others, I don't know why everyone has to make it cloak and dagger or mystical.

I don't have time to get in to Phpmyadmin and check my find with what I found, but I think it is the one.

Anyway, since no one wants to offer that info, I believe I found it for Zentyal - For those also needing a location (and correct me if I am wrong):

Code: [Select]
and the file is called:

Code: [Select]
If that is the correct one, hopefully this will help someone.  When I get back today I will checking it out and give an update to what is in that SQL file,



Okay... So I finally got a chance to chase down the ghost.  This Zentyal and OpenChange using MySQL and having NO EASY WAY to get to the data, export, import it and back it up???

I am having to use Phpmyadmin to "TRY" and find the location of Calendar, Contacts and Tasks?  WHAT THE HECK is this bull!  Can someone please explain in what Universe of smart people would they leave out the Documentation, Tools and Backup procedures to keep your data safe from corruption or failure?  What about migrating the data out or in?

I wasted most of my day with Zentyal today getting Phpmyadmin working and looking in Zentyal Databases... Yes Databases for those items.  I am still looking!

I found the Databases under - 
Code: [Select]
/var/lib/mysql/  and directories + subdirectories

Enough is Enough!  I need someone to come clean with good helpful documentation and help.



Wow... sad. still no answer.  Is anyone capable of giving a clue to help us??

Please - someone help me with the review of how to find my calendar in the MySQL side of OpenChange/Sogo.


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