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Directory and Authentication / Re: ldap and Add Windows Clients fails.
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:11:11 pm »
One thing I also often come across: zentyal user names are case sensitive!
So it makes a difference if you use "administrator" or "Administrator"...  ;)

Thanks doncamillo for your great help.

I also digged a bit more into all this and it seems that trillian is caching the contacts locally, even after removing the account. Not sure how this can happen, but when I removed all contacts and re-installed the account, they did not re-appear.
I also tested BoogieChat and all seems to behave well.

This being said, i think we can consider this being a trillian related mystery.

I had the same in mind and completely removed the account from Trillian, before reinstalling it.
The complete list with all domain users was instantly back.

Email and Groupware / Re: Activesync is only recommended for <1 gig
« on: January 02, 2020, 10:14:10 am »

Comments, experiences, suggestions, recommendations would be greatly appreciated with using Outlook 2019(13)/exchange/Activesync with Zentyal.

My 50 cent:
  • SOGo works fine with native apple clients, i.e. IMAP, Caldav, Carddav
  • Outlook does fine for limited access to emails, eg mails from the last 4 weeks
  • ActiveSync, especially the one provided by SOGo, may drain your mobiles battery very fast. You can tweak the SOGo settings to some extent, but basically the convenience of setting up an "Exchange Account" comes with high "costs"
  • ActiveSync - to my experience - tends to get unstable in synching with huge mailboxes. This may (or may not) be one reason for the comment regarding <1GB mailbox size (btw: Same for z-push / Kopano)
  • It's far better to use IMAP (and may also be a solution to your migration problem)

Although I believe that Outlook is not the best client to use with zentyal, there is a nice plugin ( that works nicely when you want to avoid ActiveSync and want to limit protocols to IMAP, Caldav and Carddav. It's not so difficult to setup, but I have not much experience with it and do not know how reliable it works. But since it's "officially" advised by SOGo, I would believe it should be doing its job.

Email and Groupware / Re: Activesync is only recommended for <1 gig
« on: January 02, 2020, 10:00:31 am »
You may have come across this "known limitation"...

You acutally can't move emails from Exchange (pst) to ActiveSync attached accounts. It's not a "bug" of zentyal (or SOGo).


I'm looking at Jabber module and was playing around a bit with it over the past days.

After having solved this issue (,34817.0.html) with the kind help of doncamilo, it still appears things are not as they should be with this module.
I basically unchecked all setting in the module admin page, with the exception of multi-user chat. Thus, no shared roster or vcard info has been enabled.
Now, when I add the an account to Trillian, I (still!) see a complete contact list, including users with deactivated jabber accounts.
Obviously the admin options are not taking effect and also the generated list is just picking all domain users.

How to patch this best way? Any ideas?

Thanks' Man! You're my todays' hero...  ;D

Hi All,

We have organized users in dedicated organizational units (i.e. containers), but unfortunately, jabber account settings are only available for "default container" users.
I really do not want to setup all users again (within the default container) in order to get them a jabber account on the server and apart from this I could only imagine now to setup duplicated accounts for jabber only.
None of them are really getting me excited... :-\

Any idea how to enable jabber accounts also for non-default container users?

Other modules / sa-learn / Spamassassin error
« on: December 14, 2019, 09:02:20 pm »

Spamassassin is giving me a hard time.
I'm trying to run sa-learn, but no matter what I try, I'm always getting an error. debug log shows me that there's a problem with the DB connection:

Code: [Select]
dbg: bayes: unable to connect to database: Access denied for user 'amavis'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
This also keeps the system from learning by feeding in some Bayes box files.

Annone having an idea how to get it working?

Email and Groupware / Re: Shared mailboxes in SOGo webmail
« on: December 01, 2019, 08:51:42 pm »
Hello, I've done I have done what segelfreak but dont work correctly
I attach some images
I can't click in the folder called "Otros Usuarios"


Sorry that I'm replying just now, I haven't seen the notice when you added your post.
I'm not sure if you're still having issues, but I just finished a new fresh installation of 6.1 and came (again) across the sharing topic.
Please have a look at my updated (!) stubs above.
Works for me. (There was a mistake with the act = vfile etc. it belongs in the plugins section. I wasn't clear enough on this. Sorry.

Email and Groupware / Re: Shared mailboxes in SOGo webmail
« on: May 10, 2019, 07:58:39 pm »
It's already some time ago, when I managed to get this activated. So, I'm trying to remember all steps I had to take to make it working. (Please excuse me if there's not everything 100% correct!)

There's a few steps you want to check:

1. Sieve should be installed, it's needed for a couple of "comfort" features.

2. /etc/sogo/sogo.conf, i.e. /usr/share/zentyal/stubs/mail/sogo.conf.mas:

Code: [Select]
// Allow user to add other IMAP accounts that will be visible from the SOGo
    // Webmail interface.
    // Default is NO.
    SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled = YES;
    //Allow Sharing of Calendars and Addresbooks
    SOGoCalendarDAVAccessEnabled = YES;
    SOGoAddressBookDAVAccessEnabled = YES;
    //SOGoEnablePublicAccess = YES;
    //Define the correct Default Roles for Calendar
    SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles = (

3. Dovecot!!! - You need to enable Dovecot to support shared mailboxes. The keyword here is Namespace and ACL! (/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf, i.e. /usr/share/zentyal/stubs/mail/dovecot.conf.mas)

mail_plugins = quota mailbox_alias acl

## Mailbox locations and namespaces

mail_uid=<% $uid %>
mail_gid=<% $gid %>

namespace inbox {

    separator = /

    mailbox Trash {
        auto = subscribe
        special_use = \Trash

    mailbox Drafts {
        auto = subscribe
        special_use = \Drafts

    mailbox Sent {
        auto = subscribe
        special_use = \Sent

    mailbox "Sent Messages" {
        auto = no
        special_use = \Sent

    mailbox Spam {
        auto = create
        special_use = \Junk

    subscriptions = yes

namespace {
    type = shared
    separator = /
    prefix = Shared/%%u/

    location = maildir:%%Lh/Maildir/:INDEX=%%Lh/Maildir/Shared/%%u
    inbox = no
    hidden = no
    list = children
    subscriptions = yes
    ignore_on_failure = no

service dict {
  unix_listener dict {
    mode = 0660
    user = ebox
    group = ebox

## Plugin settings
plugin {
  quota = maildir:User quota
  quota_rule = *:storage=0

acl = vfile
##acl_shared_dict = proxy::acl
acl_defaults_from_inbox = yes
acl_shared_dict = file:/var/vmail/%d/shared-mailboxes.db

  sieve = <% $mailboxesDir %>/%Ld/%Ln/sieve-script
  sieve_global_path = <% $mailboxesDir %>/default.sieve
  sieve_storage = <% $mailboxesDir %>/%Ld/%Ln
  sieve_dir     = <% $mailboxesDir %>/%Ld/%Ln

protocol imap {
  mail_plugins = $mail_plugins quota imap_quota imap_acl acl
  mail_max_userip_connections = 20
imap_client_workarounds = tb-extra-mailbox-sep

You may want to look here: to get some better understanding.

Let me know if it works!  :)

Updated 1st December 2019!

Other modules / struggeling to get virtual machine module working
« on: April 12, 2019, 09:05:07 am »
Dear All,

First of all: I'm a noob when it comes to KVM/qemu and I'm struggeling hard to get the virtual machine module working.
To be more precise:

  • I do get a new virtual machine running (starts successfully) with basic setup, NAT and just an live image of ubuntu server activated to keep things light and easy
  • when I open the console, it will give me just a very small window where I can just see the error "Server disconnected (code: 1006)"
  • when I try to connect via VNC, some unencrypeted connection will be established and I'm prompted for password. However, none seems to work, neither blank, or any of my login credentials.
  • I tried to play around a bit with the password in the mas files, but no success, either

The bottom line is that I can't see anything what's happening, subsequently can't install anything... any ideas?


I have a small problem, getting zentral server running in a virtual environment. Maybe someone can help me out...?

I'm going to use non-routable ip addresses in this "example", just to "mask" the real ip's, so you can ignore the obvious consequences form this, of course.

The virtual machine got an ip like, but the router is only I've tried to set the static ip with net mask, but then zentral will not accept any other gateway at all.
The only way I got it accepted was to assign it with net mask, in order to keep the gateway within range.
So far, so good. somehow awkward, but it works and the remote web admin is accessible.
Now, there's a mirror for updates at, which is in fact non-reachable, due to the fact that apt will try to reach the mirror without using the gateway. I've now tried to set a static route to the mirror via the gateway, but zentral complains that the default gateway is already set.
I can of course set a manual route via console command, but without changing the stubs it will be not permanent.
So, what I wonder now, am I thinking in a wrong way, or is there an issue with the network interfaces setting "rule checks", which will prevent me from setting up the network correctly?

Any ideas on how to overcome this in the best convenient way??

Installation and Upgrades / Re: DHCP Client and gateway not set
« on: November 05, 2017, 02:05:06 pm »
Did you ever get a solution on this?

I run 5.0 now and have to change the WAN interface to dhcp. It will use the provided ip address, but not the gateway, name server or anything. This results in broken routing.
Any help is much appreciated.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: LOG for DHCP not working under 5.0 ?
« on: November 05, 2017, 01:59:48 pm »
bump!  :(

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