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I totally agree that it should be the way you say. But, I haven't been clear in my first post. Even if the internal network range is and its interface IP, Zentyal has given the IP of the WAN as a gateway. My WAN interface IP is from my ISP router side and that's the IP Zentyal has given to my main gateway after the initial setup where I have chosen this interface has the external one.

Maybe it's more clear for you now...

And, as I said before, I agree with you that the gateway should be I'm a bit concerned that it's not that way.

I'm trying to make my Zentyal desktop router works for my network setup with some security in mind, off course. My point is that normal consumer grade routers I'm used to and some other router/firewall softwares I've tried normally give the internal NIC's Ip to the default gateway. For example, my last router was connected to my ISP router with a static but I've set its internal network and DHCP server to use to The default gateway looks like it was the internal one:
So, is it normal that Zentyal give the external Ip instead of the internal?
Is it secure?
And, can I change this setting to a internal Ip? And how?
What are the pros and cons of both setups?

Thanks everyone

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