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News and Announcements / eBox Platform 1.4 is ready to download
« on: February 04, 2010, 11:14:34 am »
Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favorite development team proudly presents the availability of eBox platform 1.4. This release represents another big leap towards our goal of providing the best and most complete and easy-to-use Linux server for SMEs.

You can read all the details in the official announcement:

Hi fellow eBox users!

Allow me to break the exciting news to you: our first release candidate for 1.4 is already available. Freshly baked and ready to download. Remember that our beta 1.3.x releases have finally become this release candidate.

In this release candidate the focus has been on making migrations work from 1.2 to 1.4. We have detected a very few rough edges that will be fixed for 1.4. We are almost there and that's why we want you to try and test this release candidate.

The installer of this release ships a new cool feature. It allows  you  to install and automatically boot a local browser and a console to manage eBox locally.


Please note that this is a release candidate, it's not production ready yet but very close. The upgrading process might have some rough edges and that's where your testing can help to make 1.4 a great release.

The supported migration path is from eBox 1.2.x to 1.4. The modules that have changed the most are the LDAP based modules.

Although we have tested thoroughly several upgrading scenarios, do not upgrade your production machine if you are not ready to roll back the changes very quickly in case things go wrong. We strongly recommend you make use of common sense and proceed with caution. Always backup your system. We encourage you to use a virtual machine to install or upgrade to 1.4 your current configuration. Check that everything is working as expected. And then proceed with the actual upgrade.

Please pay special attention to Samba and Asterisk. eBox 1.4 ships a new version of these packages. Again, use common sense, and test that there is not any regression with the feature set you use.

Known issues

We recommend you upgrade the machine locally, especially, if you are upgrading a machine with a DHCP configured interface. As you might lose your gateway during the process. Running "sudo /etc/init.d/ebox network restart" will bring the gateway back.

We are glad to announce that a feature that some of us have been waiting for a long time is ready to be tested now.

The new ebox-network and ebox-firewall 1.3.14 modules add the ability of combine multiple DHCP or PPPoE connections allowing to enjoy the multigateway features in eBox like traffic balance. The WAN failover support is still under development but we hope to release a new version soon before 1.4 is out.

As usual, your help testing it is really useful to help us squash any bug. And remember that this is still beta software and should not be used in production yet.

To get the new packages if you already have an eBox >=1.3.12 installed, just execute:
Code: [Select]
apt-get update
apt-get install ebox-network ebox-firewall

Hope you enjoy testing it!

News and Announcements / New eBox 1.3.15 installer available!
« on: January 17, 2010, 12:16:59 am »
Hi fellow eBox users,

We are proud to announce the release of a new beta installer of the 1.3 series that will become stable at the end of the month with the release of eBox 1.4.

Your help in the form of feedback and testing is really welcome. You can download it here.

You can also upgrade the packages if you already have an eBox 1.3 installer, either using ebox-software or apt-get.

WARNING: Do not upgrade the ebox-usersandgroups or slapd packages if you already have eBox 1.3.X installed. There are known issues with that upgrade. If you are using the installer on a fresh system there is no problem. Likewise, you should be able to upgrade other packages like egroupware without problem.

And remember that this is still a beta version that is not intended to be used in production.

For more detailed information please have a look at our installation guide.

Here is the summary of the most relevant improvements:

  • Improvements in the installer: auto-partitioning mode, added more warning messages in some cases, eGroupware autoconfiguration, new kernel that allows easy compilation of other modules (headers provided)
  • Usability improvements: in-place edition for booleans, keep the menu open when reloading a page, simpler interface for VPN, default template applied when adding new users, ...
  • New Dynamic DNS update feature in the DHCP module
  • eGroupware 1.6.002 with security updates and bugfixes
  • Retrieval for external accounts in the Mail module and other improvements

And here is the full list of changes for all the new packages:

   + Bug fix: Call EBox::Global::sortModulesByDependencies when
     saving all modules and remove infinite loop in that method.
     EBox::Global::modifiedModules now requires an argument to sort
     its result dependending on enableDepends or depends attribute.
   + Bug fix: keep menu folders open during page reloads
   + Bug fix: enable the log events dispatcher by default now works
   + Bug fix: fixed _lock function in EBox::Module::Base
   + Bug fix: composites honor menuFolder()
   + Add support for in-place edition for boolean types. (Closes
   + Add method to add new database table columnts to EBox::Migration::Helpers
   + Bug fix: enable "Save Changes" button after an in-place edition

   + Added warning when we can't get lock for service
   + Bug fix: keep menu folders open during page reloads
   + Add booleanInPlaceViewer.mas
   + Add sendInPlaceBooleanValue() to table-helper.js
   + eval() response from sendInPlaceBooleanValue() to set "Save Changes"
     button properly
   + Accept in checkIPNetmask as valid (needed for PPPoE)

   + Added WINS server configuration setting to DHCP common options,
     you may use eBox as PDC or any other WINS server
   + Added description optional field to fixed address table
   + Added NTP server configuration setting to DHCP common options,
     you may use eBox or any other NTP server
   + Added Dynamic DNS update feature to set a domain for ranges and
     a domain for fixed addresses when an IP address is leased. The
     hostname for ranges is set following a expression
     (dynamic-<IP_address>) and fixed addresses will use the declared
     name from eBox interface.

   + Added support for dynamic zones to be updated using a shared
     secret key available at `/etc/bind/keys`. This feature is
     mainly used by dhcp module to implement dynamic DNS updates.
   + Fixed structure of menu on language change

   + Set utf8 as the default system charset, fixes problem with euro character
   + Removed extended backup as now it should be managed by ebox-ebackup

   + Added precondition in ObjectPolicy model
   + Account home in dovecot set to its maildir, this is necesary for
   some SIEVE features like vacation autoreply
   + Added autocreation of drafts and sent mail folders
   + Fixed bug in UI: now we can set properly the number of
   expiration days for spam and deleted messages
   + Added per domain catch-all accounts
   + Logs fixes
   + Added aliases to external accounts
   + Added multiple aliases per group
   + Improved queue management
   + Added dovecot-antispam plugin integration
   + Added email retrieval for external accounts
   + Added more connections check to avoid spammers
   + Add DefaultUser model to be used in users and groups default user
     template. Admins can select if they wish to create an email account  automatically
     by default when creating new users.
   + Enable mail services by default
   + Fix ids and checkRowExist in
   + Fix method for modification of external accounts
   + Reverted UI component name to be compatible with previous versions

   + Usability enhancements. Configure automatically network address and port
     and also create a server certificate and advertise local networks.
     (Closes #1628)
   + Keep folder open
   + VPN adddress cannot be the same of any exposed network and viceversa

   + Show the email address is available to authenticate with
   + Fix EBox::RemoteServices::Model::viewCustomizer to return always
     a customizer instance to match the new API

   + Add DefaultUser model to be used in users and groups default user
     template. Admins can select if they wish to enable the file sharing
     account by default when creating new users.

   + Changed location of freshclam state file, maybe it could solve
    some notification errors in some installations

   + Change menu name to keep folder open
   + Add AsteriskUser model to be used in users and groups default user
     template. Admins can select if they wish to enable the asterisk
     account by default when creating new users.

   + Switching antivirus from clamavscan to clamdscan
   + Better MIME type check, removed false negatives with some subtypes

   + Bug fix: add --force to delete old backup sets
   + Bug fix: fix restoring of the first file

   + Change menu name to keep folder open
   + Added support for 'markasjunk' plugin
   + Hidden external server configuration until it works for more cases
   + Bugfix: added disableCache option to operation mode field

   + Removed addition of to trusted networks, is already added
   by spamassassin
   + Add dovecot-antispam plugin support
   + Moved bayes database to postgres
   + Added pyzor and dkim tests

   + Add JabberUser model to be used in users and groups default user
     template. Admins can select if they wish to enable the jabber
     account by default when creating new users.

   + Set menuFolder to keep folder open

   + Bug fix: configuration of PPPoE interfaces now works when
     confirmation is required because of other modules
   + Default field in gateways model uses '/ajax/viewer/booleanViewer.mas'
     instead of in-place edition

   + Bug fix: keep menu folders open during page reloads

News and Announcements / New ebox 1.3.13 package with important bugfixes
« on: December 22, 2009, 09:41:01 pm »
Hi fellow eBox users,

We recommend those who are using eBox 1.3.12 to upgrade to the new 1.3.13 ebox package that fixes some important bugs in logs and events.

To get the new package you only need to execute "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get install ebox".

Here is the changelog:
    + Bug fix: critical error in EventDaemon that prevented properly start
    + Cron script for manage logs does not run if another is already
        running, hope that this will avoid problems with large logs
    + Increased maximum size of message field in events
    + Added script to purge logs
    + Bug fix: multi-domain logs can be enabled again

Thanks for helping us testing the eBox beta versions!

News and Announcements / New eBox 1.3.10 installer available!
« on: November 26, 2009, 05:36:44 pm »
Hi fellow eBox users,

We are glad to announce the release of our first installer for the 1.3 development branch.

The main new features of this version are:

- PPPoE support
- RADIUS module
- Webmail (roundcube) module

And many other minor improvements and bugfixes!

You can download it at:

Remember that this is beta software and it is not intended for production use.

All these features and much more will be available in the next 1.4 stable version. In the meanwhile, you can help us starting to test the 1.3 version.

Your feedback is really welcome.

Installation and Upgrades / Hardware for PPPoE support in eBox
« on: October 27, 2009, 04:11:37 pm »
Hi community members,

Some of you have requested PPPoE support in eBox. We are planning to implement this feature soon and we would like to test it with the most common hardware devices within our community.

Which PPPoE devices are you using or are the most widespread in your region?

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi eBox users,

We are proud to announce the release of a new 1.3.8 development (unstable) version that allows an eBox server to synchronize with Windows 2003 Active Directory as starred feature.

You can read more about it here:

This version also ships a new remote backup module with support for different protocols.

For general information about installing eBox 1.3, please go here:

Please note that this is not stable software and it is not intended for use in production environments.

All your feedback is welcome!

News and Announcements / New eBox 1.2 menu layout poll
« on: July 02, 2009, 11:27:52 am »
Hi, we need your suggestions!

eBox 1.2 will come with a new menu layout with the following categories:


We have doubts about the name for the first "eBox/Core" category, which contents the following elements:
* Dashboard
* Module Status
* System
* Network
* Objects
* Services
* Monitor
* Logs
* Events
* Software Management

This category is the first one and it's going to be just below the eBox logo, so maybe the eBox name is a bit redundant, but we're not sure about it.

Please vote!

Thanks for your help!

News and Announcements / ebox-desktop proof of concept released
« on: June 12, 2009, 02:58:28 pm »
Hi fellow eBox users,

With the upcoming release of eBox 1.2, we have reached a point on which we can configure a lot of services, among these services there are a lot that are likely to be used on a desktop client.

We have thought we could make system integrators' lives easier, greatly simplifying the process of installing and configuring a set of clients with a solution faithful to our philosophy.

And here it is:

ebox-desktop is a new package for Ubuntu Jaunty desktop machines that provides autoconfiguration for some clients (evolution, pidgin, ekiga, ...) that use the services provided by eBox. It also allows the client machines to authenticate against the eBox server.

Please take into acount that this is a beta proof of concept, not an official release, so use it at your own risk.

You can read everything about this new product here:

We hope you find it useful and enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are really welcome!

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