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I just set up a self-hosted nextcloud instance on my network. Now i've tasked myself with getting it to authenticate with my DC, which is running Zentyal 5.1 community edition. I can't seem to get any of the settings that I provide to work. It won't automatically detect the port, and fails when I click "detect base dn" or "test base dn." I've also pasted in the same credentials that I used for my pfsense authentication (which currently works). Am I missing something? So far, I have the following settings entered:

Host: I have the FQDN of my zentyal vm
Port: tried both 389 & 390
User dn: cn=USERNAME,cn=Users,dc=intranet,dc=MYURL,dc=com
One Base DN Per line: DC=intranet,DC=MYURL,DC=com

Thanks for the help!

Other modules / File Shares on Zentyal
« on: March 15, 2018, 05:08:00 pm »

I'm currently running an OpenMediaVault NAS on my network. It contains well over 5tb of data on it. My goal is to have some of those drives mounted based on group membership on zentyal, when a user logs in, similar to how their home directory is mounted. I was attempting to complete this by mounting the cifs drives to my zentyal filesystem. I was able to successfully mount them but when I go to create the share on Zentyal, I get the following error:

The mount point '/media/video' must be mounted with 'acl' option. This is required for permissions to work properly.

I've tried using the 'acl' and the 'user_xattr' options in my mount command. I never get an error when mounting, and I'm able to browse through the mounted point so I know it's mounting. Does anyone have any idea how I can satisfy Zentyal when mounting this point so that I can create the shares?

Secondly, is this even possible -- to create those file shares within the zentyal web gui and have them mounted based on group memberships?

Installation and Upgrades / Home Directories
« on: May 26, 2011, 06:04:18 am »

I was wondering if there is anyway that you change where the home directories are located. I have 2 hard drives located on my computer and from previous server setups I already have a huge profile on my secondary hard drive. Because of limited space on the hard drive with zentyal installed on it, i'd like all of the profiles for users on a different one.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you!

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