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Dear All,

Recently I have installed zentyal community edition and configured it as my additional domain controller for existing active directory domain.

Zentyal server successfully connected as ADC. And Showing all the computer names, OU and groups.. But not showing any of the computer names in the domain.

I dont know what is the issue. Any suggestion.

Directory and Authentication / Backup Server GPO issue
« on: December 12, 2017, 12:31:00 pm »
Hi All,

I created a zentyal domain controller, joined windows 7 PC in domain, Installed Remote server administration tool, edited the GPO and everything works fine. Now I created backup zentyal server and shut down my PDC. Now I try to login to windows 7 machine and authetication is working fine. But the Group policy I updated in PDC are not getting reflected in the client machine now. Even Im getting access denied error message in GPO via RSAT. Now tell me how to promote BDC to PDC or make the policies work with BDC.


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