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i believe i found the problem but is very strange for me:

i have 3 domains,, and if i put any of this in mail/virtual domains i can't receive any external email, but if i don't put there everything is ok (and receive an error when i save the changes: error in mail module; i will copy from logs tomorrow).

the strange behavior is that if i want to enable groupware (zarafa) it tell me that i couldn't enable because i don't have any virtual domain?!?!?!

form logs:

Some modules reported error when saving changes . More information on the logs in /var/log/zentyal/

The following modules failed while saving their changes, their state is unknown: mail

Installation and Upgrades / can't receive emails from external servers
« on: November 29, 2012, 12:30:55 am »

and thanks for your message.

unfortunately i have a big issue: i setup a server with zentyal.

on this server i have a domain, a mail server, a domain controller.

webserver and domain controller works, but mail server works only a half (setup is made without using zarafa) - i can send emails outside zentyal (e.g. to my gmail address), but can't receive emails from this address (it happens with every external address which send emails to me). if i send internal emails it works to receive them inside (e.g. from to

tried imap, pop3, tried also to open in firewall incoming mail, pop3, but no luck!...

what i'm suppose to do?


ps: i've noticed that in, generated by zentyal is a line with zarafa evene i don't setup zarafa as mail handler... it's normal?

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