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I will spend a bit more time trying to get it to work and hope that others might have had the same issue and perhaps a solution. If all else fails, I'll have to look into what is involved in upgrading to the latest version of Zentyal.

Thank you for the replies so far...

Perhaps there have been some updates to Win10 that could affect joining the domain, as the other pc's on the domain were not added too recently?

I have now set the DNS, gateway and wins to the server's address and I have disabled IPV6. No change...

Yes it is...

zentyal-domain.lan resolves fine.

Hi guys,

I'm getting a "RPC server not available" error when I try to join a brand new windows 10 laptop to my domain. I get the error after entering auth details on windows.

Using Zentyal 3.3.10 and there are other Win10 pc's connected to the domain.

Any ideas?

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