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I have two separate Zentyal installations on separate networks. A 2.0.16 version and a more recent 2.0.21 installation.

I noticed there is a difference in the DHCP screen where the fixed addresses are configured. In the older version there is a table where one inputs directly the information for the fixed addresses: name, MAC Address, Ip Address and an optional description. On this server I have no dynamic ranges and the fixed addresses work just fine. All the client computers (mix of windows and ubuntus) keep their defined fixed addresses even when the lease is renewed.

On the 2.0.21 installation the interface was changed. Now it asks for an object, but even though I configured the objects and their members accordingly it is not assigning the fixed address.

This is my setup:
Object: Computer1
Member of computer1 --> IP address:, MAC Address: uu:vv:ww:xx:yy:zz
Object: Computer2
Member of computer2 --> IP address:, MAC Address: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
and so forth...

DHCP Static interface on eth1
DHCP Ranges
Interface IP Address:
Available range: -

From: to

Fixed Addresses
I added objects Computer1 and Computer2

I have tried three differente scenarios:
Scenario1: I deleted the dynamic ranges
Result: could not connect to the server, did not obtain an IP address

Scenario 2: I added the dynamic range shown above
Result: Computer1 got IP and computer2 got IP (dynamically assigned ignoring the fixed address from the object)

Scenario 3: I changed the IP address in the objects configuration to:
I did this following the note on the screen that says: "Only those objects whose IP address is a host, a valid MAC, the IP address is not used by the available range and whose name is unique as fixed address will be used". I wasn't sure about the "available range" part, so I tried a differente subnet but ...
Result: Computer1 got IP and computer2 got IP (dynamically assigned again).

I read the manual but it still shows the way it was done in version 2.0.16 which is working for me in my other network. The IPs are hosts addresses (/32) and the MAC addresses were double checked, I tried assigning IPs not in the ranges for the object but nothing works. Is anybody else having the same problem?

What am I missing here?

Kind regards,

Good day to everyone. My Zentyal version is 2.0.16, everything working well.

I've been trying to block MSN Messenger. I read that the most effective way is to do it by filtering its MIME Type: "application/x-msn-messenger".  My confusion comes when I go to MIME Types Filtering tab in Http Proxy --> Filter Profiles --> Default. I am unsure how to proceed from here. Am I safe to assume that all MIME Types in the list are the only ones allowed since the Allow checkbox is ticked? Therefore any MIME Type not listed would by definition not be allowed. This is not so, since "application/x-msn-messenger" is not in the list and all my users chat away freely all day.

Based on that I figured that by adding "application/x-msn-messenger" to the list and not ticking the allow checkbox I would be disallowing it. I tried that but to no avail. Users keep chatting to their hearts content.

I have searched the forum up and down as well as the documentation but all references just say to "disallow the MIME Type". How exactly does this thing work? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Hi folks,
I have core version 2.0.16, which I setup in the lab for a customer. After being done with a complete configuration (plus a bunch of other stuff on the machine, which I really would not want to go over configuring again) I did a disk image with Clonezilla. This image I recovered on the server that is going to the customer. Both machines are identical (HP Proliant Microserver).

On my lab setup I have 2 NICs:
eth2 on the WAN with DHCP
eth3 internal static with IP (DHCP is then configured on this interface for the rest of the LAN).

The customer network setup should be:
eth0 WAN static (fixed IP and gateway given by their ISP)
eth1 internal static (no DHCP here, they have a Windows Server that is taking care of networking).

When I installed the machine in the customer's network the two cards had been renamed and settings were gone in Network Module (Method not set). I should have known this was bound to happen because the source image had two different NICs in it. I figured no sweat! I just need to reconfigure the module with the customer's settings.

My problem is that I am unable to reconfigure the network module. If I try to change the settings on the interfaces it reverts to Method not set and I get the "Interface eth2 does not exist" error.

After Ubuntu research (my knowledge is really basic) and tried to edit /etc/network/interfaces with the desired configuration. I also went into /etc/udev/rules.ds and edited 70-persistent-net.rules.

My interfaces file on the new machine had just this:

Code: [Select]
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
on which I manually added the configuration of the two new cards. I have also learned now that this is to no avail since restarting the network module wipes the file back.

On the 70-persistent-net.rules file I, of course, found the two cards from the source machine plus the two new cards that were renamed. I deleted the lines of the old cards and gave the new cards their eth0 and eth1 names. This file was not wiped by Zentyal on restart.

Where is Zentyal reading the eth2 existence from? How can I reset the whole networking setup after the image recovery? Or should I just forget to use imaging software for something like this, install Zentyal from scratch and start the whole configuration process?

Thanks a lot for bearing with me on this long post and any help that you could give me. I'm sure I'm making some silly rookie mistake but that's how we all learn, isn't it? My customer is expecting the new machine anytime now!


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