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Installation and Upgrades / Re: install/activate Ubuntu Pro or not
« Last post by IvanD65 on September 07, 2023, 11:34:46 am »
The many bug reports here after upgrade to v7.0 withheld me from upgrading, but I tried it and in my case no errors.
So I'm running v7 now and get regular updates again.

Samba has the following article that explains how to demote (remove) a domain controller server.

“This world is ours, and by the Holy Light we will keep it safe, now and forever".
Hello, how do I correctly remove an additional domain controller, the primary controller (srvdc01) is ok, a secondary (srvdc02) or additional one burned the HD, it is not possible to recover it, so I created another additional controller (srvdc03) to replace it.

I ask because of this, in order not to affect my domain with the wrong removal of a controller, I already did this procedure while using Windows Server, but with SAMBA I did not find reliable material that shows how to do it, only recommendations.

I use Zentyal 7.

Portuguese / Remoção de forma correta controlador adicional
« Last post by juliocp1976 on September 05, 2023, 02:28:11 pm »
Ola, como faço de forma correta a  remoção de um controlador de domínio adicional, o controlador primário (srvdc01) esta ok, um secundário (srvdc02) ou adicional queimou o HD, não sendo possível recupera-lo, sendo assim criei um outro controlador adicional (srvdc03) para substitui-lo.

Pergunto pois isso, para não afetar o meu domínio coma  remoção de forma errada de um controlador, já fiz esse procedimento enquanto utilizado Windows Server, mas com SAMBA não achei material confiável que mostre como fazer, somente recomendações.

Utilizo Zentyal 7.
Directory and Authentication / Re: AD Stop Working on Windows 11 22H2
« Last post by HaileeBlanchard on September 05, 2023, 11:40:31 am »
It seems the problem could be tied to Kerberos encryption. Your workarounds are solid, though they come with their own quirks. Upgrading Samba to 4.16 sounds promising, but the version clashes are a bummer. And tweaking local security policies might help partially.
As for upgrading Samba to 4.16 on Ubuntu, it's a bit of a challenge due to the version compatibility. You might want to explore Ubuntu 22.04, which might have better compatibility.
On a side note, you might find some valuable insights on the cheap Windows 10 key Reddit sub. They occasionally share useful tips that could align with your situation. Hopefully, a combination of technical fixes and community advice can get your setup back on track.

I  found the solution,
passwd -d root

After the command necesarry to reboot the whole server.

Have nice day!



All of zs command not working ( example zs firewall restart ),  the command started witout any error message, but i not get any feedback from the service management.

Thank you for your help!


I need some help, i changed the root password on my zentyal server, after the change the zentyal webadmin always timed out and not working after sucessfull login.
I checked all of logs but i did't se any clue what is the problem.

When i try to stop or restart the webadmin zentyal service not happened anything....

Please help!

German / DNS Server soll Fallunterscheidung treffen, wenn User-IP vom VPN-Netz kommt
« Last post by ATT1 on September 01, 2023, 10:10:35 am »
Ich habe folgendes Problem: Ein lokaler Server, genannt srv01.localdomain.lan,  mit 3 IP's (eth0:, eth1:, VPN (tun0): hat Zentyal 7 als Betriebssystem und dessen DNS-Verwaltung per Weboberfläche.

DNS wird nur dann richtig aufgelöst, wenn der Benutzer eine IP im Bereich 192.168.0.x hat.
Wenn der User eine VPN-IP im Bereich 10.9.0.x hat, wird DNS falsch aufgelöst:

* mantis.localdomain.lan -> , das wäre die richtige interne IP, aber es soll nach aufgelöst werden
* srv01.localdomain.lan   ->      -      falsch, für VPN user richtig wäre
* autoconfig.localdomain.lan -> -      falsch, für VPN user richtig wäre

Wie überrede ich also den DNS, dass er Fallunterscheidungen machen soll, ob die DNS-Abfrage von einem 10.9.0.x-Rechner kommt und wenn ja, andere Ergebnisse liefert, als wenn die DNS-Abfrage von 192.168.0.x kommt ?

Und ja, ich weiss, dass man im Zentyal zwar eine schöne Weboberfläche hat, aber dann dennoch unter
/usr/share/zentyal/stubs/dns/.....irgendeine-config.mas herumfrickeln muss. Nur wie, ist hier die Frage....

I have machines with windows 7 and there are no problems with the domain -> update windows 7
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