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News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 4.0 Roadmap Published!
« on: August 07, 2014, 06:55:53 am »
The real question is not what will the community say, but do. The lead developer is supporting a fork of the gateway product. If the gateway product was not commercially sustainable, it will be no great shock to see inadequate community support for a fork. Community support of various modules is not a bad idea, but of course that effort falls short of salvaging Zentyal as a gateway product.

So the situation is becoming clearer rapidly, and thankfully. If nothing else, I learned a lot working through Zentyal deployment.

The real question is why is the Gateway product not commercially sustainable.   The answer is not good.

Lets take the Zentyal IDS.  Completely feature poor compared to competition.   As a Gateway no IPv6 support this is becoming a problem so other solutions end up used as gateway.

News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 4.0 Roadmap Published!
« on: July 24, 2014, 02:01:14 am »
Ok the idea might be hey we keep on cutting back you will have to install third party modules and then have to work on third party modules for zentyal.   I will make this clear now.  With the removal of External Mail retrieval I installed webmin with that I can configure External Mail retrieval.    This is the problem lot of the missing features is not going to bother me as I am dependant on the zentyal interface to perform them.  Zentyal interface stopping doing stuff means I now can use webmin todo more.

So I have a serous question.   Should Zentyal just give up on its own interface and instead choose like webmin and integrate that.

The elephant in the room is so far there is no mention of IPv6 support that Zentyal has been missing.    Webmin has IPv6 and I have ISP's with IPv6.

The hard reality of Open Source projects sometimes you just have to admit you don't have the resources and choose a different solutions that will have other people doing other solutions will work on you with.   Webmin is used by many other parties.

Yes the other reality is that I will be more likely to look at making a module for Webmin than a module for Zentyal.  Why I can take a webmin module everywhere.

Of course there is a third option coping SBS.   SBS has a simplified interface and the full advanced interface of a normal Windows Server.   Now I don't think most people would be that upset if the removed features were all supported by webmin that also came with Zentyal.   Ok a more complex interface to get job done at times but at least you get the job done.

There are other elephants in the room like Ubuntu commitment to change to systemd.  Webmin already has this covered.

News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 4.0 Roadmap Published!
« on: July 23, 2014, 06:22:42 am »
Its one thing to be specialist is another to cut own foot off.

RADIUS interesting enough is a feature of SBS server.  To be exact its VPN link ups. VPN Single Sign On kinda requires it.  If RADIUS controls are ending up in the L2TP module everything is fine.  If you are dropping RADIUS off cliff you have problem.

Freeradius provides one web based administration tool as part of the package.  Freeradius Dialup Admin is not the best but its better than nothing.

Some things I do agree with.  Like dropping the zentyal IPS module.   Could you consider pulling a full IPS like Suricata as a sub webpage.   Reality the IPS module in zentyal was never going to keep up with the web interface software designed for it.

Removing the  Webserver functionality worries me for working around some of the limitations.   Will this mean zentyal will leave all web server setting alone or fairly much alone?   So I could set up sub-domains for Suricata and other things to replace the functionality you have just removed.   Like I am not going to miss the IDS module in zentyal if I can cleanly setup Suricata or one of the other program built todo IDS.

I don't want to sound mean.  With IDS I will be happy with zentyal form gone to allow full third parties built for the job in.   The only thing that worries me is how much will zentyal put in my way to prevent using the third party.

royceb problem I have got is this time 1 part that is part of AD/Exchange setup is marked as being cut.  Radius.   Remote logins by VPN Radius is a requirement to be able todo them exactly how Windows does.

Roundcube gone but I guess sogo webmail remains.  This is fine less duplication.

Monitor mostly got in way of using third party IDS systems.

Will NUT the application still be installed and possible with one of its GUI tools like ?   NUT management removed from web interface is not a disaster.  NUT-Monitor that currently monitors has been merged into the main project with goal to become the "NUT Control Center".   This is another one of my problems. dropping NUT from zentyal web interface if focus is moving to like the "NUT Control Center" or knut.   Lets not reinvent wheels when we don't have to.

Right I can understand the overhead issues.   Now lets see if we can come up with something a little more sane requiring less overhead by allowing other project to pick up the load.   IDS work does not have to be main zentyal interface,  NUT control software again does not have to be main zentyal web interface.

NTLM SSO and Freeipa is more what I need but thanks for the link to the project thk.

I have people here who purely hate passwords full stop.   Persistent login for windows domain connected clients is really duplicating the existing NTLM SSO that windows will just do. 


If I am relaying to another server and I have mail filtering on will it be applied?  This could be handy.

Installation and Upgrades / Reduncy in mail servers how?
« on: July 02, 2011, 08:50:06 am »
I have not been able to see any instructions with Zentyal to use a second location as a backup mail server.

I would love to be able todo this.  I know is most likely possible with postfix.   I have seen no direct configuations todo it.

My set up has 2 physical locations joined by VPN.   So its really idea if when one location gets shutdown the other can keep on working.

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