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I am working on an upgrading our server from ebox 1.4.9 to Zentyal 2.2.

The latter is a fresh install on new hardware. The number of users, groups etc is fairly limited so I decided to manually configure the new server rather than importing users and groups etc. The domain name and server ip address remains the same after the upgrade.

Now if I log on as a user that is already existing on my Windows client (Win7Pro), the Windows client machine creates a new user profile. This is not what I want, I want to upgrade without disturbing any of the clients.

I have Google-ed my way around and searched the forum but cannot find any resolution.

What should I do to make sure that the users keep on using their existing client profiles? Maybe migrate some user key/id from ebox to the new Zentyal server or edit the windows client registry to mach some new id?

Thanks in advance for any useful hints!

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