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Installation and Upgrades / Template for
« on: June 23, 2015, 09:38:33 am »

we still use Zentyal 3.5.1, as a small ISP. We usually don't allow usage of our mail server, but as it happens, there are some exceptions - clients having their domain hosted somewhere else, yet requesting us to provide our smtp server. So - we created one general email adress to authenticate to smtp, plus STARTLS usage.

However, there was some change in Zentyal 3.5.1, as before that, we had no such issue. We simply need to comment out the following line of, in order to get above scenario working:


The problem is, that there is no tickbox for such feature in a GUI and even more so - If I change it (comment out), simply doing any other change, or even server restart, uncomments the above line. Before I write some cron job, which keeps watching it, my question is - is there any template of somewhere, which Zentyal internally uses, so that I could make the change directly there?

Thanks a lot,

Installation and Upgrades / What is being backed-up by default?
« on: May 16, 2014, 03:16:51 pm »
After inability to further login to my server preceeded by the power outage, I installed new instance of Zentyal Server. Logged into the cloud and tried to restore config. It kind of works, except the FTP. Then I realised, it did not create user dirs in /home directory.

I was surprised, that e.g. /vmail directory structure is recreated, while /home/ users directory was not. Is that what the config backup does without further configuration? I don't mind data - our server is mainly an ISP sendmail plus few websites and FTP accounts, but at least directory structure with proper rights could be recreated?

But maybe my import did not happen properly? It was kind of stuck in the 9 from 30 stage, at FTP section.


Installation and Upgrades / Can't login after power outage ...
« on: May 16, 2014, 11:43:25 am »

I can't login to the Zentyal server after power outage. vmWare ESXi works, other virtual machines work, Zentyal tries to boot, but then I am offered a login dialog box. I enter the username I set for the administration, as well as password, but I can't get in.

Also - it does not ping from the remoter router. From the local network, it can. It seems like some settings being lost :-( Is there any way of how could I obey the problem, and reset the root password, to get in to see, what's the state of the system?

Many thanks,


our server is We have one customer,,, who has theri websites and email accounts hosted elsewhere, but they do want us to provide smtp service for them.

So, their domains are not set on our Zentyal server as hosts, for which we do manage (receive emails). As I don't want to possibly have any relay, we defined user account for them, called simply Referring to following doc, relay should work for authenticated user:

But what I get is the following message: Sender address rejected, not owned by user

My question is simple - is there any way of how to make system less restrictive? E.g. by changing some smtpd_recipient_restrictions=?



because my old Zentyal server has broken authentication, I decided to install new server and move stuff to the new server. I am experiencing several problems:

1) I can't have two users with identical first and last name. Probably an LDAP definition problem?

2) What is the relation between LDAP section email (optional) and email defined via a plugin in a bottom section? It has really an inconsistent behaviour?!

a) when you change email address and hit apply. It is  NOT reflected in the bottom section upon the DELETE button. If you hit delete, it deletes whole account. It is confusing. Also - once you try to add an alias, you can't. You have to click to other user and then go back. Simply an UI bug

b) distribution group, once again, I defined (optional) email, but once sent email to such an address, message bounced with "user not in a virtual mail table" error message. I tried to add email alias in the bottom (plugin) section, but it screamed, that such email address already exists. So I had to delete it in upper section, add an alias, and only then email got delivered. This is imo very confusing ...


after some time I decided to resolve the update situation problem on my Zentyal 2.2 installation. Trouble was solved, /boot was "full" and apt-get reported there is not enought space for updates, or something like that.

So I went and updated kernel from 2.9 to 2.11., also various other components of the system. All went well, except the zentyal-radius. The dashboard displays message, instructing me to resolve the situation using:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

But it fails with the following console output (Sorry for the rough translations of the Czech parts, hopefully you will understand):

Setting-up the package freeradius-ldap (2.1.8+dfsg-1ubuntu1.1) ...
 * Stopping FreeRADIUS daemon freeradius                                                                                                                                                                                                      * /var/run/freeradius/ not found...                                                                                                                                                                                    [ OK ]
 * Starting FreeRADIUS daemon freeradius                                                                                                                                                                                              [fail]
invoke-rc.d: initscript freeradius, action "force-reload" failed.
dpkg: error during the set-up of freeradius-ldap (--configure):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error code 1
dpkg: non-fulfilled dependencies disallowed the configuretion of the zentyal-radius package:
 zentyal-radius is dependant upon freeradius-ldap (>= 2.1.8+dfsg-1ubuntu1); unfortunately:
  The pakcage freeradius-ldap is not yet configured.
dpkg: error trying zentyal-radius (--configure):
 dependency problems - will let it unconfigured

I event tried: dpkg --configure freeradius-ldap, with the following output:

Setting up the package freeradius-ldap (2.1.8+dfsg-1ubuntu1.1) ...
 * Stopping FreeRADIUS daemon freeradius                                                                                                                                                                                                      * /var/run/freeradius/ not found...                                                                                                                                                                                    [ OK ]
 * Starting FreeRADIUS daemon freeradius                                                                                                                                                                                              [fail]
invoke-rc.d: initscript freeradius, action "force-reload" failed.
dpkg: error trying freeradius-ldap (--configure):
  subprocess post-installation script returned error code 1
Errors in:


Now - I am not sure I need the Radius. I am not using it and if system is not using it on behind, I might just ignore the problem. But - the dashboard states: "The following packages are not properly installed. You need to fix this before trying to use them or install new modules.", so I am not sure I will be able to update any other packages, if the above problem persists?

Thanks a lot,

Installation and Upgrades / Mail domain masquarade?
« on: November 14, 2012, 12:10:35 pm »
Hello guys,

I have the following specific situation. We run Zentyal 2.x server, and so far it works nicely. We have several domains hosted there, including their aliases, for both web and email. However, we also run Ispadmin server, which helps us to manage our wi-fi network users. Here's the scenario:

Zentyal server:
- multiple domains, the primary one is
- serves as relay for machine
- hosts, so that I can receive emails for it

Ispadmin server:
- sends emails via relay to server

And now, what is my problem? We have some sending policy implemented, which says, that is represented by one IP address. What we also want is Ispadmin server being able to send emails with from/reply address being set to

Now the trouble is, that such emails are coming back, mostly because of the policy. Simply put, we need somehow to masquarade ispadmin by using Any solution?

Here's the error message:

 host[] said: 550 5.7.1
    Sender Policy Framework of `' domain denied your IP address. (in
    reply to MAIL FROM command)

and later in the header:

Received: from (localhost.localdomain [])
   by (Postfix) with ESMTP id AECAB3DDD8F

The trouble is, that machine has different IP, so it will fail on checking MX record. Any suggestion of how to solve that?

best regards,


we recently got some server outage, and it is running again. But as I never tried to use the backup of the config from the cloud, I finally found some time to look into it.

What I was surprised is, that there is /etc directory backup, but no Apache virtual domain configs, or eventual Postfix manual configuration change, is preserved.

I can understand that some manual changes to configs are not easy to deal with, but imo - Zentyal should either improve of how virtual domains can be set-up via GUI (I alredy put some suggestions, which were accepted for possible future enhancencement), or such configs should be backed-up automatically imo.

So - is there any way, of how can I include those configs into the archive, which goes to the cloud, so that I don't need to set-up backup module on Zentyal?

Installation and Upgrades / Can't su -l anymore ...
« on: March 15, 2012, 06:24:33 pm »

not sure if I am remembering it correctly or not, but in the past, when working via a putty, I often performed "su -l", and submitted a password, which was equal to my an "administrator" user password. I set-up administrator account during the installation of the system.

But - now system reports:
su: Authentication failure

I used that aproach to start later a Midnight Commander, to comfortly browse via the system, checking on some stuff, etc. Now I can't "su -l" anymore.

Any suggestion? Well, "sudo -i" changes me to root, without asking for a password. Maybe I just remember it incorrectly?


Installation and Upgrades / How to turn off local backup?
« on: December 20, 2011, 12:11:27 pm »

I was playing with backup, as I never used it. Now I wanted to turn it off, but I can't. I found some forum 2009 year question towards the same topic. We are now nearly in 2012, and I can't still turn-off local backup? ;-)

Please add one field to the backup method -  No backup. Should I remove the module, just to get backup turned off?

Also - on the main screen, there's many buttons, mainly for restarting services. What about one additional field, allowing us to stop, restart, start services? That way, I could turn backup module off, without uninstalling ...


today I logged into my server using ssh, just to look around, and I found out, that ps list is kind of long, so I used following comand:

ps aux | grep -c pop3-login

... and I was kind of surprised, that I can see 129 entries in the process list for the Dovecot. There's imo no chance, that 129 users are checking for email at one time. Or does that mean, that some app does not close a connection to POP3 account?



I would like to change user's authentication to email and Roundcube. Recently, I have to use following form:

I don't like it at all, and I would like to change it either to:

email (any alias), e.g.

As I think the latter is probably not easily possible, I would like to remove the need to have to enter, both for Roundcube and when configuring Thunderbird clients (POP/IMAP protocol). I have especially problem with Roundcube, as users are not familiar with schema ...



when I try to add new alias for my second domain, I get "Missing argument: row" message. It is really annoying, as I can't see the alias in the list. I already tried to delete particular domain aliases, as well as a virtual domain, but still no luck adding it back.

Best regards,

Installation and Upgrades / Admin username selection?
« on: November 23, 2011, 06:31:30 pm »
Hi, I am kind of confused about how Zentyal (Ubuntu) aproaches its administration.

1) I choosed my nick to be an admin, thinking I can use such an account regularly. But I can't - the user can't be seen in the user list. Why? Just to not accidentally delete it or because of security measures?

2) OK, I thought to myself - such an user, is not normal user, so no other settings like adding it to certain group, providing the account with the email, fileshare, etc., are not welcomed. So next time I tried to install Zentyal over the ESXi, I decided to go with the "admin" name, as we use such an account on many mikrotik routers. What a bummer - the name is taken - installator did not allow me to choose "admin" for the account name. Why the heck is Zentyal internally taking such a good name to have admin account? I don't want to come-up with any articifial name for an admin, just to be an admin.

3) Taken from docs: "Any user you later add to the admin group can access the Zentyal interface and has sudo privileges in the system." - what admin group? There's not any predefined one in the dashboard part. If I am supposed to add "admin" group myself, now this is pretty artificial, and should be noted in docs as well imo ...


Installation and Upgrades / How can I access spam quarantine?
« on: November 21, 2011, 02:04:11 pm »

tried to search forums and Internet first, but found no answer yet. Is there a way of how to access spam quarantine? If not from within the portal, then is there any spamassassin related service running on certain port, so that I can access it via browser?

My intention is to being able to see the spam message queue, and to eventually release an email, or to purge the queue, which in fact can get longer and longer.

Any options?


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