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Had an issue in Zentyal 2.2.11, under User Corner.
After logging in to user Corner the server would throw an Internal Server Error

Looking at /var/log/zentyal-user-corner/zentyal.log I found
ERROR> EBox::UserCorner::Auth::authen_ses_key - Could not open /var/lib/zentyal-usercorner/sids/john.doe
"john.doe" is a username.

This is a kind of cookie file Zentyal creates when the user logs in to User Corner.
If the user simply closes the browser without logging out, the file stays there forever.

Somehow there was a particular file it couldn't read and therefore it stopped processing the user Corner page.

Just delete all the files in there that are old. "Old" means they're more than a reasonable amount of minutes. If you're not sure, delete the ones that are more than 1 day of age. Surely the user isn't doing anything by now.

Hope this helps other people overcoming this stupid error.


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