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I can´t believe that after release of 4.0 where this feature has been promised it´s still not working ... OMG

I everything in getting 3.5 working with IOS / Android / Outlook2010 . It was horrible unstable. Sync and Mails only worked with empty configurations, after collecting mails (around 400MB) the trouble beginns.
For me it also shows with sogoactivsync, that often not all mails are shown on the ios 7/8 Devices. In webmailer they are all to be seen. And z-push don´t work anyway for the first setup for me. i can´t connect the mobile devices. This belongs only for used bigger mail accounts, an account with only some mails is working fine.
The same is with calendar sync. Sometimes its working, both most of the time not. I add an Event with IOS and it doesn´t appear in zentyal (and yes it was the user calendar!)   

Everything all of you wrote here i also noticed with 3.5. This is the first time i didn´t test the beta 4.0 and now after release its exactly happend what i and other of the community expected has happend again.
Another unfinished release! This has been announced as the best and stable release ever and in fact for this reason many modules has been dropped. But the major problem hasn´t been solved.
I am really frightned what happens when i try to use zentya with a one nic setup and an local and external domain. This zenario is borken since 3.x and i don´t expect it been working better in 4.0

So maybe a good advice for every one who tries to test it, you need to follow exactly the setup guide from zentyal.  So you need minimum 2 Lan and don´t configure you domains as and (virtual mail domain) instead of both identically like explained in wiki! This is something which can´t be reverted without loosing ldap database. This seems to be responsible for many problems i encounter in my setup (like i did on sbs2003).

Good look anyway

Installation and Upgrades / Re: 4.0 Data Backup
« on: November 06, 2014, 09:16:52 pm »
As i understood, emails hasn´t been backuped by 3.5 either. Only data. The database for emails needed to be backuped manually.
I only knows one easy way, use zentyal inside a HVM, then you can backup the hole installation, or you will install backula or other similar backup solutions in zentyal. You can use your own prefered one wich is available for ubuntu.

iotop is really fast in output, but you are right, mostly it will goes to sogo.log.
So i don´t keep searching for it.
Thank you.

I have 4 ios devices. 2 IPhone 4 and 2 IPad2 .

I have configured both of them for active-sync with ssl over 443 with package sogo-activesync.

I also tried z-push without success, because all tries results in "can not authenticecate to server" "can´t connect as user ..." although i entered (instead of only username like sogo-activesync)

With sogo-activesync the first login is working, mails are syncing but after a few hours i run into trubble:
  • in SOGo i see all incomming mails, but the ios ones are not showing all of the day !?!
  • a sync try for one week will break every sync on any device exept SOGo, when the amount of mailstore for one user is big (for 1 week around 450mb). when i reduce sync time to 1 day sync is working for a while
  • my testuser with around 130 mails has lost from one day to the other everything (like beginning with a blank user store)
  • shared calender entries appearing like the want. From Sogo entered i see them, when i trie this on ios with the right calender they are nowhere to see.
  • very anoying, when setting up active sync in ios, and i choose a wrong username, the first test from setup will give me an ok (green marks everywhere) but when attemping to open mail i see password failure. Of cause the wrong user! Seems to be ios related?
Am i the only one with such trouble?

I noticed in 2 installations a difference in certificates for autodiscovery.

My older [3.5] test setup has a cert autodiscovery. I startet it from beta stage.
My newest installation has many troubles with outlook 2010.
the setup guide like
is not working, because outlook will not configure himself like it should. The user is joined to domain. I needed to manually configure the exchange outlook profile. When i do this, outlook 2010 connects to exchange, but can´t download and sync anything (although i accept the warnings and the user sing´s in every outlook start). Testing autodiscovery from outlook fails.
I think this is the reason for a nonfunctional outlook.

Why is the cert missing?
how can i create it by myselve? like every other cert? Something i need to know? 

in my installation i have the problem, that from one user all mails are lost. the hole user account is empty after loggin in on SOGo. I don´t know what has happend to cause this error.
 i have backup of them (export from sogo) and a backup from proxmoxve.

But i would like to examine what has happend, because this should never be again. Its a big desaster because we still have not the possibility only to restore and backup the mail storage.

I tried to look through the logs, but i see too many errors, i think something has happend to mysql database but i have no knowledge of it.

I have other problems too, maybe they all belong together:
All problems on an single nic system without working rpc (because of no external nic)

I have never seen something more unstable. I need some advice for finding the problem. What shall i controll and look for?

I am not sure that i understand it.

In my words, better is to use in setup:
Host domain name: (my own mail domian from isp btw hoster)
Virtual mail domain:

Whats the advantage of choosing a local virtual domain? Yust only for the purpose that mailings from one local user to the other local user the mail does not leave my local network?

I also notice many problems with Outlook 2010. a clean user with a few mails is working but after collecting 450MB from my mail account the user ins´t working any more. In SOGo i have my mails, but outlook is onlyo cnnected but can´t collect anything.
I had the same problem for a customer solution. I talked with other specialists from UCS who prefer OpenXchange a a good solution, but they also have the opinion that outlook is never fully functional on openchange due to changes from MS.

I don´t thing you should use zentyal 4.0 with outlook in production use. Or the customer is patient and wait . It depends on how much functions are used. Normally the best advice is to use SOGo, it has not all but most of it works like expected.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Windows 7 - Joining a Domain
« on: September 18, 2014, 10:44:16 pm »
OMG,  :o
you have seen that this is from 2010??? What Version do you try? today joining the domain is easy like in windows server.

Here are packages outdated in the setup iso.
You need do follow these steps:
  • install iso till first login on webif
  • before configuring anything change to console
  • apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
  • reboot
Now you can install like normal

Could you please make a bug report on the tracker, other wise it won´t be changed.

I also tried it and i can´t see any shared, now i know why  :D

yes thats right, but my certificate shows the wrong domain (mydomain.local instead of, you know what i mean? In the case i use active sync over port 443 you will have this problem, if i use vpn then mydomain.local is right.  It´s the wrong name and not signed (because of self signed)

i have solved it with creating a new certificate with The initial setup assistant will create mydomain.local because of different name.

I have only a basic knowledge from certificates.

In my configuration 3.5 i notice still many problems in active-sync (sogo-activesync).

I have installed on 2 IPAD2 and 2 IPhone 4  2 zentyal accounts over activesync togther and i get many mails with photos in it. they are often bigger than 20mb! With outlook 2010 and imap i have no problems with receving and sending. for the last 4 weeks i have a user mail account of 450MB. My old .pst is about 35GB and this should be imported later on (should be possible with 4.0)

With zentyal it seems that bigger accounts are unable to sync with mobile devices. Because in SOGo i see all mails, but on Apple i only get some of them! Thats not funny!

In outlook 2010 its impossible to sync anything of this user. Only nearly empty user accounts are syncing fine for a handful mails.

Installation and Upgrades / DiskIO always around 80kbit, is that normal?
« on: September 18, 2014, 02:06:47 pm »
What does zentyal write all the time to disk? Only 2 User are active and 5 mobile devices with active sync.
Is this normal?

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