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Re: New offering packages - Small Business and Enterprise Editions
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I think it can be generally accepted that no-one is paying if they have the ability to support. This is a huge problem for Zentyals future.
I have been playing devils advocate in a hard line stance for a purpose.
Basically there is no value mechanism for a Linux competent support provider and current subscriptions.

Why would they? I have been trying to make a point, that the increases in subscription are more than likely going to increase leaching.
As for seeing how the land lies with the new subscription structure depends on what could happen to Zentyal if it is a failure?

I am unsure how community and revenue can be coupled? All I know with all honesty that the current changes have made it more unlikely, based on my own economics.
Its on honest question but currently due to my competence level and a self serving community my only requirement to place anything back into Zentyal is via good will.
This has been my argument that the current subscriptions contribute to a hell of a lot of good will!

I really apologise if I have offended anybody in my posts, but I really think someone needs to take a reality check.

Many other Open Source applications deviate from the community with a commercial enterprise product. Zentyal doesn't have that, maybe it shouldn't.
Often certain elements of functionality are withheld from the community version and this creates revenue.

I don't think the Zentyal staff have the likes such as Mark Shuttleworth where huge amounts of funding can be dumped.
There is a lack of mechanisms between the community and Zentyal that return value. I am trying to point this out not because of some vendetta because I am very worried about its long term future.
I must admit I am angry as I have invested a huge amount of effort into learning the product and I have my own roadmap that is beginning to look fragile.

If you look at a modern internet business. They have become successful because of the difference of work. In essence the customer is now the order clerk and stock controller. The pre internet shop has defferred this work to order entry through automated technology. This works because the customer gains value through reduced end cost.

Its quite simple and its being totally overlooked whilst current efforts are providing more separation between community and Zentyal.
I don't understand the Loco's as I can see the benefit for the core members of the Loco but in the long run I can't see any benefit to Zentyal in the long run.
We have a developer section without a supply channel and no mechanism for value?
There are islands of excellence all over the place and their isolation is hardly coherent. Blogs that don't link anywhere. Private IRC channels of communication. The impression of a community led product. A really bad multicultural forum layout. A couple of community linux guru's with a majority of amateurs... The list goes on.

Zentyal is a truly great product but the marketing is absolutely woeful. I think that's what scares me most.
I think I have set a new world record in negative karma over a time period which I was expecting. The social club politics of the Zentyal community have absolutely no interest to me.
I throw my dummy some time ago and left adamant that I will leach Zentyal 3.0 and create my own revenue.

once again you seam to be talking from a perspective from where you have absolutely no knowledge in or understanding of.

if this i your way of trying for revange of somekind than please dont bother, as people should never take into consideration this kind of obvious trolls.

but since we are talking about paying for software, did you ever buy a vallid licence for windows server, or any paid version of linux (like that of clearos,  redhad enterprice linux, ubuntu advanced,  the paid version or zarafa, or anything simular)..

The reality would be hilarious if I hadn't invested so much sodding time.


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Re: New offering packages - Small Business and Enterprise Editions
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I think it is time to stop the discussion since it becomes a stance of repeating opinions.

I felt very reluctant jumping into this discussion, so stayed out of it because of a feeling of mixed loyalties. I hope this discussion can take place in the future in a mature and constructive way so the product Zentyal can benefit from this.

topic locked.