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Quota/Mail Questions
« on: August 16, 2008, 05:33:34 am »
For some reason this is not clear to me. I see several quota options.

1) eBox/Mail/VDomains
"Default Maildir Size (MB)"  (Is this for the vdomain's TOTAL; all users total files?)
Also If you click a virtual domain the tabs appear to be reversed here.
But if I click "Mail filter settings" (should be "Size quota" I'm sure) you get:
"Maildir size for virtual domain"
If it's a TOTAL quota for the vdomain. What does "Force the change to the existing accounts" do?

"Default maximum mail account size"
This looks like the setting per user?
BUT, create a new user and "unlimited size" is checked, the default does appear to be effective?

It seems quotas are not set using maildirmake -q? So, in the current setup is a mail reader, such as Thunderbird, able to give quota feedback to the user? I'm guessing I can just do "maildirmake -q" myself to help with the user feedback issues if needed. Any potential issues with that?

I've used Cyrus for IMAP with system users and currently testing Ebox. I'm not wedded to Cyrus but wouldn't mind Sieve or some sort of filtering with eBox setups. Autoreply is also good though annoying  ;).

I would also like to be able to modify the postfix config, but would like eBox to still work. I'm assuming I can do this by modifying a template of some sort?

Thanks in advance. So far this appears to be a very nice frontend.