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Changing the name of eBox Platform
« on: August 05, 2010, 04:31:06 pm »
Hi everyone,

I am excited to break the news on behalf of the whole eBox team: We are going to change the name of eBox Platform! And although this is positive news, the decision was not taken lightly nor it has been easy to say goodbye to our former identity and find and embrace a new one. However, we have found that this decision was necessary, and the sooner we took it the better

As you can imagine, any name change is a complex process and there should always be a very good reason to do it. So, why do we do it? Why did we think that eBox is not a good name for us anymore? Well, basically because there is no box! Although our initial idea, when we started with the project seven years ago, was to embed the software in a particular appliance and sell boxes, we soon realized that it was much more interesting to focus solely on the software and develop a well-integrated, semi-automated, versatile open source server.

But this change in our approach has lead to a growing difference between what we do and what our name means. In fact, many people are convinced that we sell boxes when they first hear about us. Only once we explain what eBox really is and what is our subscription-based value proposition, they start to become interested in the product.

We have been thinking about making the change a number of times earlier, but as you can imagine, it is never a good time for something like this. However, during the past year the number of downloads, community members and general interest in eBox Platform has started to grow exponentially and we’ve become even more painfully aware of the faults of our current name. This has made us feel that it is kind of “now or never” momentum, and that the problem will not be solved by waiting longer.

Something that we would like to stress above all, is that only the name changes. We are still the same team, with the same goals, same open source license, and same everything. In fact, we are working on increasing our commitment on open source and adopting a more community-driven development model, but I will come back with that in a different post.

The new name will be made public in a few weeks and there will be additional information regarding the change in the Planet eBox and here in the Forum. Feel free to leave any comments to this post and stay tuned!

Update: It has been disclosed, the new name is Zentyal!
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