Author Topic: network problem - eth1 is not working  (Read 2065 times)


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network problem - eth1 is not working
« on: June 30, 2008, 01:05:54 pm »

i have installed ebox on a amd64 (running on i386) with three network cards:
eth0 - internal, static IP
eth1 - internal, static IP
eth2 - external, dhcpd

my problem is that i can only use eth0 for my internal network.
while eth1 does not allow connection through it.

i have setup eth1 to have its own static IP and range on dhcp but any machine that i connect to it will get an IP that belongs to eth0 range and will not be able to connect to any machine including ebox.

i also tried to use this interface with a dynamic IP assigned by eth0 but it did not work.

for sanity, i have also changed the hardware, but the problem persists.

some assistance here would be most appreciated.


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