Author Topic: Zentyal 7 and Thunderbird configuration  (Read 46 times)


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Zentyal 7 and Thunderbird configuration
« on: December 02, 2021, 05:20:49 pm »
Hi, I've deployed a Zentyal 7 version, enabled mail and webmail modules.
Everything it's ok, mail are sent and received.
I need to configure a client on lan of Zentyal server to take email via IMAP protocol but it doesn't work.
I can login in SoGo webmail, the user and password it's ok and the same I'm using in Thunderbird configuration.
In Mail, general all this options are enabled:
Mail retrieval services
 POP3 service enabled
 Secure POP3S service enabled
 IMAP service enabled
 Secure IMAPS service enabled
 Retrieve mail for external accounts
 Manage Sieve scripts

What I miss in configuration?