Author Topic: ebox-asterisk 1.5 released!  (Read 5657 times)

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ebox-asterisk 1.5 released!
« on: June 05, 2010, 02:46:34 pm »
We are glad to announce that the ebox-asterisk has been added to our 1.5 repository.

Now l7-protocols is the only package missing to have the full set of packages for Ubuntu 10.04.

Remember that 1.5 is a beta version, don't hesitate to let us know any bug or problem you encounter. Your feedback is really welcome.

For more information about installing packages, please read the following:

If you have trouble making the Meetings feature work, try to execute the following in the console:

Code: [Select]
m-a a-i dahdi
This will automatically compile the dahdi kernel module needed for that. On eBox 1.4 we provided precompiled packages but in lucid this has changed and now dahdi uses the dkms system.
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