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« on: May 10, 2010, 02:41:31 pm »
  I have installed version 1.4 on a xen server 3.3.2. The installation is ok and everything is up and running. My main purpose of using ebox is the file sharing and PDC function. I have done the installation many times and I can see the network and all. The files can be seen and shared copying is also not a problem. The main problem I am having is editing the files. I mainly need to edit photoshop, jpg and avi files. But it wont let me even if I have given adminitration rights. I have to copy it back to my machine then after editing it copying it back. Please help me. I have joined the domain.

Please help Tks in advance.

I solved this by adding acl and downgrading to samba 1.4.3
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