Author Topic: cant start zentyal gui after reboot  (Read 84 times)


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cant start zentyal gui after reboot
« on: July 23, 2024, 11:51:30 pm »
Hi guys and thanks for any help

I recently update my zentyal virtual machine (using Proxmox 8.2.4) zentya 7.1.2 and after a reboot server never end to try to get the user interface, so its stuck in the image of zentyal trying to get the desktop gui

Fortunely SSH access is working and apparently the RADIUS service (thats what i use zentyal for) is working but i cant get the gui over the IP address or in the shell from proxmox,

So if SSH work then network services is working, what other services could be damage

Im lost, what can i do for recovery mi gui and the dashboard ?

thanks in advance