Author Topic: Synchronization issues on Domain Controller and Additional Controller  (Read 1748 times)


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Hello, does anyone know how to clarify the operation of zentyal

Following scenario with Zentyal 7
srvdc01 ( - virtualized server) - Domain Controller
srvdc02 ( - physical server) - Additional domain controller
srvfs01 ( - virtualized server) - Additional domain controller - File Server (folder sharing).

I'm having problems synchronizing between srvdc01 (primary) and srvdc02 (secondary or bkp), when I create users or change user passwords already registered, it takes hours/days to synchronize. And sometimes Windows tries to pull the login and password data from srvdc02 (secondary or bkp) instead of srvdc01 (primary) even though Windows secondary DNS is not pointing to srvdc02. For example DNS of Windows machines configured by DHCP ( - There login errors happen, and if I turn off srvdc02 (secondary or bkp) login without problems with users.

Synchronization between srvdc01 and srvfs01 goes smoothly.

But srvfs01 is a file server.

Is there any automatic way to configure this between srvdc01 and srvdc02 in the Zentyal GUI itself. Or as a last resort, via the shell, synchronize the two servers so that these problems do not happen again.



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