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no external email access
« on: July 29, 2023, 04:44:14 am »
Hi, I am new to Zentyal and I have it all setup and working but I cannot access the email externally.
Internally ie: on the local area network - email is good and works well.
I can receive email from external sources ok.

But the issue comes when I try to connect a phone or an exernal email client to the server, it gets no connection.
So I know that must be a firewall issue and I have been checking everything multiple times and I cannot see what is wrong.
If I look at the packet filter and external networks to Zentyal - there are 3 rules in there that are default.
One which lets smtp traffic through so there is the incoming email.
Two others that are denied which are Mail Submission and Incoming Mail.
So looking into this I changed the rules to allow the Mail Submission and Incoming Mail.
Restarted the mail and sogo service but still the same, no connection from the outside with any email client ?
not sure at this stage what is wrong ????

I believe that the Mail Submission is port 587, the Incoming Mail includes protocols POP, IMAP and SIEVE.
So I thought I was opening the ports to the internet but there must be something I am missing.
Any help would be appreciated.