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Radius Authentication Issues
« on: December 15, 2022, 02:48:44 pm »
In my system I use Cisco Catalyst 802.1x for wireless authentication. AP -> Switch -> Zentyal (Radius) -> yes/no
Windows, Android etc, all are working well and users can access network without problems.

However, a HP plotter has some limited settings and trips RADUIS authentication.

With WPA-Enterprise LEAP I get
Code: [Select]
Auth: (1600) Login incorrect (eap_leap: No Cleartext-Password or NT-Password configured for this user): [hp_user]

with WPA-Enterprise PEAP:
Code: [Select]
(1812) Login incorrect (eap_peap: TLS Alert write:fatal:protocol version): [hp_user] (from client x.x.x.x/32 port 60000 cli 40-A8-F0-88-xx-xx)
Thu Dec 15 12:49:06 2022 : ERROR: (1815) eap_peap: ERROR: TLS Alert write:fatal:protocol version

My guess would be ERROR: TLS Alert write:fatal:protocol version TLS version.

Can someone tell me how do I force RADIUS to log used protocol&version or how to enable all TLS so I can at least pin point which version to use?
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