Author Topic: Feature request - Zentyal on Debian  (Read 2970 times)


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Feature request - Zentyal on Debian
« on: November 22, 2022, 01:15:12 pm »

I installed Zentyal few times now, I've successfully managed to keep one installation as a small domain server. I'm really pleased with Zentyal and would like to congratulate people behind the project.

However, I don't get why you stick with Ubuntu.. Zentyal on top of Ubuntu is easy but it causes confusion.
As seen many times on this forum, people get confused when they can't find and configuration they found on the Internet doesn't work.

Have you considered moving to Debian and maybe replacing mysql with mariadb in next Zentyal release?


PS. found this;quote=29147;topic=1296.0;last_msg=29147 ... promises promises  ;D
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