Author Topic: XII. Xrdp REMOTE DESKTOP. (Part 12/12)  (Read 2354 times)


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XII. Xrdp REMOTE DESKTOP. (Part 12/12)
« on: June 03, 2022, 07:09:39 pm »

We are going to install an remote desktop(RDP) client for remote control of the administrator workstation to Zentyal, as part of maintenance in a graphical user interface.

In a terminal window enter following command line to install Xrdp:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt install xorgxrdp xrdp -y

Create the xrdp user and add it to the ssl-cert group:

Code: [Select]
sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert

Once installed, enable the service on every boot:

Code: [Select]
sudo systemctl enable xrdp

To check if the service are running:

Code: [Select]
sudo systemctl status xrdp

It may happen that the service refuses to start, in this case reboot the server, everything will be back to normal on restart.

Once the service is active, let's go to the administration console to configure the service and the firewall.

Go to the network tab then services:

Then add a new service and name it:

Then configure the newly created service:

Fill in the fields:

Once the new service is configured, don't forget to save the changes:

Then we go to the firewall to add new a rule.

Go to the firewall tab, select filter and zentyal internal network:

Add and configure a new rule:

In my example as a security measure, I only tolerate rdp access to the administrator workstation via its mac address.

The new filter rule is added:

Don't forget to save the changes.

To take effect, we have to restart the firewall services:

Code: [Select]
sudo zs firewall restart

After restarting the firwall services, go to the administrator workstation to initiate a remote desktop session.

In the windows search bar enter desktop and select, remote desktop connection:

A window then opens, fill in with the ip address of Zentyal:

In the second window, enter your Zentyal user and password:

And here we are on Zentyal desktop via remote desktop session:

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