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Zentyal as AD member server
« on: April 07, 2022, 11:01:09 am »
I recently started evaluating Zentyal and I noticed that Zentyal apparently wants to be a domain controller. The only way to integrate Zentyal into an existing MS Active Directory environment is to add it as an extra DC. Is there a specific reason for this? To get AD user/group information it should be sufficient to add Zentyal as a domain member. Is this possible? We have other BSD and Linux based systems integrated as domain members into an MS AD, working flawlessly.

Furthermore, in Samba the highest domain and forest functional levels seem to be 2008_R2 which makes it virtually impossible to integrate Zentyal as a domain controller into a current Windows Active Directory environment. For example, adding Zetyal as an additional domain controller to an AD with forest- and doman functional level "Windows Server 2016" will fail. I realise this is a limitation within Samba but this defeats the whole purpose of integrating Zentyal in a Windows AD.

So, imho, the only way to get Zentyal up to current standards is to add it as a domain member to Windows AD.
Ideas, anyone?
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