Author Topic: [SOLVED] Zentyal 6.1: clamAV does not work, missing /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl  (Read 1990 times)


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Thank you!

This issue is really annoying  :P

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I can confirm that the clamAV problem is gone with latest zentyal 6.2.x and latest clamAV 0.102.x.
Moreover, I solved the problem of apache with fast-cgi by enabling http2: a2enmod http2. So now it works well as with zentyal 6.0.x.
Unfortunately, I have not solved the other problem with apache handler yet, but it seems something related to ubuntu server 18.04.

I just upgraded to php-7.4 and the problem is solved even with apache handler. So the culprit was php-7.2.