Author Topic: Request for help with Zentyal 6.0  (Read 295 times)


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Request for help with Zentyal 6.0
« on: May 11, 2021, 04:15:25 am »
Hello all.   I'm in need of some assistance / direction!

A friend of mine has a small accounting / tax prep company, and her IT admin person recently passed away (actually he was murdered, but that's another thread)..   At any rate, she reached out to me since I have IT experience to try and help her out, and here's what I found.

She is running a SMALL network, with 5-6 workstations.  they are  connected to a server in her utility room, running Linux, and Zentyal 6.0

I had previously heard of Zentyal, but have NO experience with it.   I poked around a bit, and found that it's running on a VM  on a relatively weak server.   Needless to say there is ZERO documentation including passwords.

The only access we have is via the users accounts (who all seem to be ADMINISTRATORS)   but I still am not able to access the server's admin page.  either DIRECTLY from the console, or from the Web service.

Right now they are *mostly* ok, but it's a ticking time bomb just waiting for something to happen.   

So, my question is this.   IDK if I am doing something wrong, or missing something but as I stated, I CANNOT log into the admin console. I would like some info / guidance as to how to proceed, and / or get into the darn thing.   Am willing to PAY someone who can either guide me, or Remote in via Teamviewer, etc and get me started.

Thanks much, I look forward to hearing from one (or more) of you.



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Re: Request for help with Zentyal 6.0
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2021, 01:58:56 pm »
Hello there,

To manage Zentyal (via CLI and GUI), you need to have access to the 'root' user of the system or to a user that belongs to the 'sudo' group of the system. If you don´t have access to any of these, you can recover a forgotten 'root' password following this tutorial:

If you are interested in a Commercial Zentyal Edition and official support, do not hesitate to contact the Sales Team at sales (at) to find out about available options.