Author Topic: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: Invalid authentication mechanism  (Read 85 times)

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Hello everyone. I'm glad to be here. I have installed Zentyal 6.1.2 and everything works great for me except a few things: SSMTP over port 465 and some valid Hotmail authentication method. I tell you what I'm doing to see if you can help me out.

I have installed everything, to enable SMPT on port 587 I have installed a letsencrypt certificate with the host name of my server, I have used it for all services according to this page

I want to configure the account to send my emails from other platforms (Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail). I have made it work in Thunderbird (Plain Password) and Gmail, but it does not allow me to use it in hotmail, this page say me Auth Plain is not longer supported by If I configure hotmail gives me the error that gives title to that message:

SASL LOGIN authentication failed: Invalid authentication mechanism

Nothing works on port 465, neither Thunderbird, Hotmail, or Gmail.

How can I enable Kerberos GSSapi Auth?
How can I enable the auh in the port 465 with SSL?
Can you give me any hints?

Sorry for my English ;-)

Thank you in advance.