Author Topic: Problem with mapping drive on client Windows 10 - Zentyal server 6.1  (Read 862 times)


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Maybe someone facing problem with mapping drive on client Windows 10 <-> Zentyal server 6.1 AD
I don't use script "net use" but mapping with GPO Preference
Here's debug gpo log from Windows 10 client

Code: [Select]
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:488 ProcessGPO(User):  GPO passes the filter check.
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:488 ProcessGPO(User):  Found functionality version of:  2
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:488 ProcessGPO(User):  Found file system path of:  <\\xx-xx.local\sysvol\xx-xx.local\Policies\{31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9}>
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:722 ProcessGPO(User):  Couldn't find the group policy template file <\\xx-xx.local\sysvol\xx-xx.local\Policies\{31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9}\gpt.ini>, error = 0x80090006. DC: srv-xx-xx.xx-xx.local
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:722 ProcessGPO(User):  ==============================
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:722 EvalList:  ProcessGPO failed
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:738 GetGPOInfo:  EvaluateDeferredGPOs failed. Exiting
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:738 GetGPOInfo:  Leaving with 0
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:738 GetGPOInfo:  ********************************
GPSVC(788.2300) 10:26:50:738 ProcessGPOs(User): GetGPOInfo failed.

Client has accees to the path \\xx-xx.local\sysvol\xx-xx.local\Policies\{31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9}\gpt.ini
If I remove policy {31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9} they stop with the same error on another one.

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did you check the permissions in the sysvol folder?
Maybe your clients cannot read this share... (Please check Unix and NTFS Permissions)