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Added Security Modules
« on: January 14, 2020, 04:57:26 am »
Long time Zen user here curious if the feedback section was still looked at from time to time. I am curious if there were some easy steps that could be taken to start hardening/securing some of Zentyal's features.  How hard would it be to implement items like

1.Semi-granular Fail2ban for services like OpenVPN/SSH/Web(Web-Admin)/Email
2.Two factor authentication for services like OpenVPN/SSH/Web(Web-Admin)/Email - Tie this into Zen SAMBA4/AD authentication and you have a winner
3.More granular control of OpenVPN cert/cryptography settings exposed in the Web-Admin

As a service I find Zentyal extremely robust and consistent in it's feature sets but increasingly I've been utilizing other solutions that aren't as capable as Zentyal but do offer some of these basic security features.