Author Topic: Shared directory permission changes not applied until samba restart  (Read 1680 times)


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Hi I've set up a Zentyal 6 install with a view to removing an old windows fileserver and have a couple of thing I'd like to sort out before going any further.

1. When I change the permissions for a share in the web interface these changes are not applied to the AD domain until I restart smbd and nmbd, is this the correct behaviour and is ther eany way to modify this?

2. The fileserver shows a user's home directory by default, I know I can change this by commenting it out in "/etc/samba/shares.conf" but every time I save another change the original file structure s restored is there away I can modify this?


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Re: Shared directory permission changes not applied until samba restart
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2019, 03:06:26 pm »

If you need customize a service managed by Zentyal you have to work on the Zentyal stubs that are the templates used by Zentyal in order to generate the services configuration files each time they are started. Read

ACL's changes on shared resources should be reflected inmediately by Zentyal, as well as new users or groups creation.

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