Author Topic: DNS - Referencing a single IP address from different domains  (Read 537 times)


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Hi there,

There seem to be a few similar posts to this, but none that actually got answered, so I apologise for the repetition.

I need to be able to point to a single device from names on different domains.
e.g is called host.example.local, but I also need to be able to reference it as in order that clients can reach the server from both inside and outside the network (they will receive a WAN IP address from an external DNS server when they are outside).

Zentyal will not let me use the same IP address twice and using an alias across domains. e.g. if for I create an alias of host.example.local, Zentyal accepts the entry, but lookups fail (presumably because Zentyal sees the alias as

This is a really common use case in split DNS environments, so I can't believe that it would be impossible. So what am I missing?