Author Topic: Simple Gateway and DHCP server setup help  (Read 2385 times)


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Simple Gateway and DHCP server setup help
« on: March 24, 2010, 02:34:20 am »
I'm trying to get used to eBox and have managed to use one HowTo to sort out a PDC. Its impressive, so a thanks to all involved.
However I'm having a hard time sorting out a Gateway with DHCP server.
My Lab network is simple and looks something like this:

Internet ------  Router <static_LAN_IP>  ----------  <DHCP_WAN_IP_eth0>eBox<eth1_static_LAN_IP> --------- <DHCP_IP>Client

I can get the IP address on a client :-)
I cant get a connection from the client out to the router sitting on the WAN side of eBox or the Internet :-(
Though from the client I can ping the IP on eth0 at the WAN sid of the eBox :-)
From within eBox I can ping the router and access the Internet.

I'm sure the problem is simply solved but reading the documentation and trawling the forum has not yet enlightened me.
I've reinstalled several times over the last few days thinking I messed things up some place and need to reset the settings. I thought it was something to do with me trying to use the DNS services but I should at least be able to PING the Router from the client.

First question:
Is there a simple way to reset all settings back to the fresh install settings just after first boot?

Second question/request:
Can someone please post a list of settings I can use to set up a Gateway with DHCP server.
If I can get it up and working I will put together a screen shot write up of the settings so people like me can easily get comfortable with the simpler aspects of eBox.

Many thanks in advance.