Author Topic: struggeling to get virtual machine module working  (Read 1111 times)


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struggeling to get virtual machine module working
« on: April 12, 2019, 09:05:07 am »
Dear All,

First of all: I'm a noob when it comes to KVM/qemu and I'm struggeling hard to get the virtual machine module working.
To be more precise:

  • I do get a new virtual machine running (starts successfully) with basic setup, NAT and just an live image of ubuntu server activated to keep things light and easy
  • when I open the console, it will give me just a very small window where I can just see the error "Server disconnected (code: 1006)"
  • when I try to connect via VNC, some unencrypeted connection will be established and I'm prompted for password. However, none seems to work, neither blank, or any of my login credentials.
  • I tried to play around a bit with the password in the mas files, but no success, either

The bottom line is that I can't see anything what's happening, subsequently can't install anything... any ideas?
Zentyal 6.1