Author Topic: OpenVPN via Zentyal 6 - only 6 clients can connect on /26 network  (Read 598 times)


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Good Morning,

Due to a heavy snowfall yesterday most of our staff were working from home. For some reason our OpenVPN was only allowing 6 people at a time to connect to the network. I have been unable to see anywhere that this has been set and was hoping someone can help.

According to the configuration that we have set up in Zentyal, the VPN is configured to use a network with a /26 ( notation which means that it SHOULD allow 32 addresses (30 hosts) yet it is behaving as if the network has a subnet of There is NO WHERE that I can see this is being set. Sometimes the users would show up as 'connected' in the interface but were not actually being assigned any IP. Other times we'd just get an error about 'routes not being available'.

In all cases we could connect a maximum of 6 people, if one got an error they would be immediately able to connect again as soon as the number of connected people dropped below 6.

Anyone have any ideas where I can check for this cap??