Author Topic: Install Zentyal 6.0 on 1 Main HD with 6 Extra HD For Folder Sharing. Solution?  (Read 236 times)


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Hi friend, im new here.

I hope anyone can help. So this is the situation:

I will install Zentyal 6 Dev as stand alone server (main domain controller) on IBM System x3200 M3 tower server. This server have total 7 HD in place. Before to install zentyal this main HD using win server 2012 but its only max for 5 user meantime my client use it for 30 user, so they want to change it to zentyal. The 6HD left on the server has already fill with files and folders from previous activites using win server 2012.

So the new plan is to format HD1 (main hd) and install Zentyal OS 6, and the other 6HD for Active Directory/File Sharing same as before.

My question is:

1. If i have install zentyal and setup network correctly, will Zentyal detect the rest of 6 HD on the server automatically?

2. Will the 6 HD everytime the server start will mount automatically?

3. Does the zentyal system can detect all the folder in 6 HD automatically and i just can choose wich HD and which folder to share to each user?

if none of 3 above, i hope there are solutions for 3 questions above.

Please any help.

Thank you. :)