Author Topic: Ipcop and Zentyal use Problem  (Read 890 times)


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Ipcop and Zentyal use Problem
« on: December 24, 2018, 11:41:20 am »
Hi friends. I have a little enoying problem that I hope you guys can solve.

I have two company(Company A and Company B) and two ipcop and one 4.2 Zentyal. Each company has its own ipcop as a firewall. 1 months ago system work perfectly. All two company can get fileserver's file without use openvpn and we had one fileserver on company A. So two company use company A's fileserver. Suddenly my zentyal crashes and need to re instal it.

I install Zentyal 4.2. Everything work perfect but company B cant reach fileserver without use openvpn. I setup everything same as before. I do not make changes on two ip cop.
I try to ping from Zentyal to company B but cant reach it. But I can ping it from company A.

It is a little it messy problem. I hope you guys can understand my problem. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you :)