Author Topic: firewall drop all from internal to ppp0  (Read 148 times)


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firewall drop all from internal to ppp0
« on: September 23, 2021, 12:51:22 pm »

the firewall is droping all connections from local network to ppp0.
I created a vlan network device eth0.7 manually.

This device I configured as pppoe and mkred it as WAN device.
I can look http/https over proxy from all clients but when I want to go outside from a client directly for the firewall is dropping the connection, like sending emails from local client...

I created a general rule for internal to external networḱs for al services yet but it seems that this rule has no effect.

Is it possible that the external mark of ppp0 device has no effect?

Edit: I'm on the latest Z7.0 community edition
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