Author Topic: used sourcelist after installing ebox 0.11 from the cd with debian sarge  (Read 6060 times)


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Code: [Select]
deb ebox/
deb extra/
deb main/
deb security/

# Cups
deb pool cupsys

deb sarge main
deb sarge-backports main contrib non-free
deb sarge main contrib non-free
deb-src sarge main contrib non-free
deb sarge/volatile main
#deb stable all
#deb-src stable all
deb php5 sid

Code: [Select]
// This file is used in the chroot environment from install_packages
// (called by rcS_fai)

// Options for apt-get for FAI
  // Options for apt-get
     Assume-Yes "true";
     Fix-Missing "true";
     Show-Upgraded "true";
     Purge "true";              // really purge! Also removes config files
     List-Cleanup "true";
     ReInstall "false";

  Options {
          "--abort-after=4711";   // a magic number in cologne ;-)

APT::Default-Release "stable";
APT::Cache-Limit 16777216;
Dpkg::Options {"--force-confold";}

for apt-get/aptitude in case of proxy this would be enough:


to the end:

Code: [Select]
    export HTTP_PROXY=http://user:passwort@proxyserver.domain:port/
    export FTP_PROXY=http://user:passwort@proxyserver.domain:port/

see also: (german/ exmpls in eng.l)
for different ways of proxy setup in apt.conf if neccessary