Author Topic: User unknown in local recipient table if Email Address doesn't match Username  (Read 1010 times)


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I'm trying out Zentyal & added to an existing Windows Server run Active Directory Domain but I'm getting the message "User unknown in local recipient table" error unless first part of the email address matches the user logon name

E.g. if we have the user "John Smith" with the username JSmith the email addresses or return that error, it will only accept emails if the email address is

I contacted Zentyal and they've said "it is a known issue we are trying to solve. Unfortunately, I can not give you an specific date for it to be fixed", does anyone here know a work around?

I've tried a bit of investigation and noticed that the LDAP query in the doesn't seem to be getting queried, I was going to try manually adding the email address as an alias in cn=configuration dc=example dc=com so the query would pick it up but adding an alias in the Zentyal web interface doesn't seem to be creating objects there when browsing usign the ADSI editor
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