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NAT Routing
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:00:16 pm »
Good afternoon

I want to run a lab with VMware Workstation Pro which allows me to have my Zentyal server with two network cards, one that is connected to my router (external access) and an internal network card for the clients of the domain, which would be configured automatically By Zentyal DHCP.

What I want to achieve is that the Zentyal server can make NAT with the clients of my LAN giving them access to the internet (through the external interface). The equivalent in Windows Server to this service is Routing and Remote Access. So, how can I achieve this configuration with Zentyal? What kind of adapters should the virtual machines use, both Windows clients and the Zentyal server? (Bridge, NAT, Host). I would like you to help me and guide you with this topic since I have spent a couple of days trying to do it without success. I have only managed to configure the Zentyal as an internal server on the network without providing gateway services.